Mormon Funeral Potatoes Recipe

Mormon Funeral Potatoes Recipe

I’ve been slowly climbing the “Officially a Mormon” ladder the past few months.. Recently I stepped on the Funeral Potatoes rung.

If you have spent any time around Mormons – especially those on the West coast, then you have probably heard of Funeral Potatoes. I’m not even going to pretend to know about the origin, or even care about it (probably some dish commonly found at funerals?). I just know they existed, sounded delicious, and I had to make them.

Mormon Funeral Potatoes Recipe by Life as a Convert

So I did.

And they were delicious!!

Frozen or Fresh Potatoes?

Apparently a lot of people just use frozen hash browns, but I had some potatoes that had been sitting on my counter for far too long. The only downside to using fresh potatoes was all the shredding required.

I didn’t boil/soften my potatoes before shredding them. In my mind I just pictured a big mushy mess of potatoes.

Mormon Funeral Potatoes Recipe

My only advice is to use some paper towels to soak up some of the moisture that comes from using fresh potatoes.

Funeral Potatoes Recipe

One of the best things about this recipe is the sheer amount it produced. Most casseroles do, but this one fed my family of 4 for 2 meals.

Funeral Potatoes Recipe

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Funeral Potatoes
  1. Wash, peel, and shred the potatoes. Set aside.
  2. Saute onion using 1 tablespoon butter.
  3. Combine all ingredients except corn flakes and 4 tablespoons butter and mix well.
  4. Spread mixture into a 9x13 casserole dish.
  5. Combine corn flakes and melted butter and sprinkle over the casserole.
  6. Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes or until thoroughly heated.
  7. Serve and enjoy!

Overall, it was a success. All of my kids enjoyed it and I was happy to finally taste this Mormon staple. You can bet I’ll be taking this to a potluck or two.

Mormon Funeral Potatoes in Glass Dish

Was it delicious? Yes!
Will I make it again? Yes!
Will I use frozen hash browns? Maybe

I’m already thinking about the fun things I can add to it to give it some more flair – and maybe nutritional value. One fellow Mormon Mama mentioned adding chives and I think that’s a brilliant idea.

Have you ever had Funeral Potatoes?
What would you add to give it some flair? 


LDS Temples Bucket List – Temples I’d Love To See

LDS Temples Bucket List – Temples I’d Love To See

You know what’s one of the best things about being Mormon?

The LDS Temples!

Yes.. That glorious place of unwavering peaceful and loving feelings. The place where families go to be together forever.

Temple Bucket List - LDS Salt Lake City Temple by Heather Thomas

I was beyond excited when I got to go to the Memphis Temple and receive my own endowments earlier this year. Since then, I’ve been thinking about other temples I’d love to visit. Here are a few that have made my LDS Temples Bucket List


Kirtland was the first temple built in this dispensation and visited by God and his angels. Can you imagine being in a place where the rushing sound of angels was so intense it felt like a mighty wind?

LDS Kirtland Temple by Alecia Frank

LDS Kirtland Temple by Alecia Frank

Being in a place with such a powerful history would be incredible


Burned to the ground within 4 years of it’s dedication and then ravished by a tornado, the Nauvoo temple is the next one on my LDS Temples Bucket List. The Nauvoo temple seems to have a history opposite of the Kirtland temple. Whereas everything good visited the Kirtland temple, it seems that much bad came to the Nauvoo temple. Fire, sacrifice, and the loss of Joseph Smith all happened during a short time surrounding the history of this temple.

LDS Nauvoo Temple by Grace Wilson Powell

LDS Nauvoo Temple by Grace Wilson Powell

But, despite that, the Nauvoo temple has since been rebuilt and thousands of people have been blessed because of the ordinances completed inside this beautiful place.

LDS Nauvoo Temple by Brittany Morgan Adams

LDS Nauvoo Temple by Brittany Morgan Adams

Salt Lake

The biggest temple in the world is the Salt Lake Temple. It took 40 years to build. That is dedication. Besides that, isn’t it just gorgeous?

LDS Salt Lake Temple by Angela Wright-Stevens

LDS Salt Lake Temple by Angela Wright-Stevens

If there was one time of the year I’d want to go here it would be every time. I’ve heard wonderful stories about the Temple Square, of which the Salt Lake Temple is the centerpiece.

LDS Salt Lake City Temple by Heather Thomas

LDS Salt Lake City Temple by Heather Thomas

Simply beautiful, right?


I know, I know… I’ve already been there.. But you guys, I have to get back again.

Life as a Convert at the Memphis Temple

Life as a Convert at the Memphis Temple

Did I mention that I literally passed out during my own endowment session inside the temple? I have a slight history of fainting, but did not expect it to happen in the temple of all places.

LDS Memphis Temple by Brittany Morgan Adams

LDS Memphis Temple by Brittany Morgan Adams

I cried after it happened. For one, I was embarrassed, and for two, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to finish my session. Thankfully, I was able to, and that bad moment is just a memory.

Unfortunately the Memphis Temple is closed for renovations and won’t be open until around 2019. In the meantime, I am focusing on keeping myself temple worthy and doing what I can to help others be able to get to this same place.

Have you visited any of these temples?
Which one of these temples would you like to visit? 

In case you missed my other recent Temple Posts:

Tithing My Way To The Temple
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(I’m so grateful to all of the ladies who offered up their pictures of the temples you see here. All photos in this post have been used with permission.)

7 Reasons You Need A Minivan

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7 Reasons You Need A Minivan

Minivan moms raise your hand!! Keep those hands up if you have crumbs hiding somewhere inside your vehicle. You can bet my hand is up. My kids are messy! Even if you don’t have a minivan, you know that kids and clean cars don’t mix.

Is it even possible to have kids AND a clean car?

Yes! can help with that. You can purchase a CLEAN vehicle right from the comfort of your own home. And once you become a mom of multiple children then a minivan is a must. Here are 7 Reasons Why You Need A Minivan and how you can purchase your next one using

1. Space / Distance Between Children

Of course this one had to be #1. I’ve driven a small car, an SUV, and a minivan and by far the minivan is my personal preference. The space between children is a must. The car squished them together and we all know that kids in close proximity will soon begin their incessant chants of “He’s touching me” or “She won’t stop looking at me.” Give your kids some space! Look at all the glorious space here in this 2018 Chrysler Pacifica:

Distance Between Seats Minivan Chrysler Pacifica 2018

2. Cargo Space for ALL Those Groceries

One thing I love most about my minivan is the cargo space. Minivans have nearly double the cargo space as SUVs. This means more space for all those groceries and if your kids are anything like mine, then they need a LOT of groceries.

3. Car seats Galore

I’m a car seat fanatic. My children stayed rear facing as long as possible and then in a 5 point harness after that. Their safety is important to me. Once you have more than 2 kids, then a minivan is a must.

Have you tried installing multiple carseats in a small car?

It’s nearly impossible.

Three Car Seats in a Vehicle via Cars

And when you have a rear facing child in a two-door car, then you can understand the struggle of not only installing a car seat, but getting the child in and out. helps guide you through this process and has multiple videos about car seat safety available for you to watch so you can be sure your car seat is installed correctly.

4. Safety Safety Safety

Besides car seat safety, safety in general is an important factor when purchasing a new vehicle. Minivans are by far the safest option for small families. If you are looking to purchase a car for a teen driver, has a list of the best cars to keep your teen driver safe.

Teen Driver via Cars

5. Cost Effective

New additions require extra space. If you have a growing family, then it just makes sense to buy a minivan. These cars will grow with you making your purchase cost effective. Because offers new or used vehicles, you can find one within your budget, no matter what your budget is.

6. Automatic Doors & All The Extras

I got in trouble so much when I was younger for slamming the car doors. I also talked non-stop during road trips and annoyed every passenger in the car, but that’s another story. Thank God for automatic doors and extras like DVD players. No more slammed doors or annoying monologues.

I love my DVD player. I keep a small plastic bin in between the seats full of movies to keep my kids occupied and boy does it work!

The automatic doors help when loading/unloading. Even the littlest kid can push the button to open the doors. Not only that, but there’s no slamming involved and I can be sure the doors are properly closed every time. Sensors ensure that the doors won’t close if something is in the way and most automatic doors won’t open while the vehicle is in drive. This is great for those who like to open doors while driving down the road – something my siblings dared me to do many times!

7. Fit In With All The Cool Moms

I don’t know about where you guys live, but around here, minivans are a must. It’s like a rite of passage during motherhood. You aren’t officially a mom until you pack your kids in a minivan and head off to whatever adventure awaits you for that day. has a HUGE selection of minivans. You can search by location, model, or even price ensuring you will find the perfect minivan for your family.

Cars ability to search for perfect Minivan

Never fear, if minivans aren’t your thing, has plenty of other options for you.

What kind of car do you drive?
Do you have a minivan or are you a superhero mom without one?

7 Reasons You Need A Minivan From Cars dot com by LifeAsAConvert

Magnify Your Calling (Step One)

Magnify Your Calling (Step One)

I’m not sure why, but it seems to be a trend among members to be surprised when they are called to something new. I’ve often heard members say they don’t feel like they can offer much to their calling. Yet, these same people do their calling, and do it wonderfully. It’s no secret that God equips us to handle our callings.

My calling is in Primary. I am one of the Activity Day Girls leaders. It’s currently my only calling (I sub teach when asked) Call me selfish, but I am happy to have a single calling. I have even found myself complaining about having it. It’s not that I don’t like it, I enjoy doing the activities with the girls, but planning them and preparing for them is sometimes stressful.

Magnify Your Calling - Primary Activity Day Girls

By God’s grace I have persevered, and the girls amaze me with how positive they are in remembering their favorite activities. It’s encouraging to know that they are enjoying being a part of my class.

If you were recently called to a primary position and feel overwhelmed, here are some of my tips to Magnify Your Calling when you are first called.

Ask Somebody Who Has Done It

Bonus points if it is the person who was just released. When I was called to Activity Day Girls, I didn’t even know it existed.  My daughter wasn’t quite old enough, but she came along with me to our first meeting and we quickly learned all about it from my co-leader at that time. I have found that in other callings, the first thing I do to prepare is ask how it is currently being done. Those who are currently serving in the calling or who have previously served can give some incredible advice.

Photo by Aduke Schulist

Read the Manual

Without the Faith in God manual, I would be lost! This goes for the other Primary manuals as well. While the Faith in God manual doesn’t give as much details as other manuals, the information in there is golden. Knowing what to teach makes the how part easier. The church even has a manual to help prepare you as a teacher.


Okay, maybe this should have been the first one, but pray! Not just when you accept that calling, but every time you prepare a lesson. Pray for the children you are serving. And pray for yourself.

Magnify Your Calling photo by Aduke Schulist

Utilize Pinterest, Blogs, Etc

Where would Primary be without Sugardoodle? Using resources like this as well as pinterest make planning a breeze. I gotta admit, I prefer blogs or just searching the web instead of pinterest because it is far too easy to get overwhelmed with ideas there.

Facebook Groups

There are some great Facebook groups to help in your calling. These groups are full of members who have held or currently hold the calling. Sharing Time leaders, Primary Choristers, and even Primary Teachers can glean knowledge from others in these groups.

Magnify Your Calling - Primary Leaders & Activity Day Girls

Do you have a calling at church?
How do you magnify your calling?