Birthday Success! AKA Day from Hell!

Yesterday was Kaia’s birthday and despite being stressed all around and PMSing (Thank you very much Mother Nature) things went shitty well.

The day started off with all of us sleeping in and barely making it to story-time in time to see the magic show… We had to pick up Jayden (nephew) on our way there.. But he left his shoes so we had to turn around and go back and get them GRR! They bitched the entire way because they thought they were going to be late to the Magic Show.. Um hello! Not my fault you left your shoes!!!


The magician did a lot of cutesy magic and the older boys from my crew (Jayden and Kaia) werent happy about it.. They were rude and kept interrupting the poor guy.. and well pissing me off. I wanted to just scream at them to “STFU and Enjoy the show!”

After story-time we went and picked up the cake

He originally chose a Batman cake (because hes obsessed with all things batman) but ended up changing it to Green Lantern because it looked cool. I must say the cake looked great good. I have been horribly displeased with the cakes lately and decided to try a new place this time. Glad I did!!!


We picked up a pinata and some cheap candy for it.. The boys continued to irritate me.. My non-existant patience was wearing thin. I secretly wished they were the pinatas so I could beat them with a plastic bat until candy fell out of their bums. *sigh* Wishful thinking at its best!! ;)

So we took our loot and we went to my grandmothers house where the kids could watch cable while I wrapped presents.. But uhh somebody forgot to pick the presents up from the house. Dang it! So I fed the kids lunch (where they again managed to be rude because they werent getting McDonalds) and called in support and had their Pa stay with them so I could run to my house and grab the presents… 

A present from Papa Dave had arrived just in time so I wrapped it up too.. I realized that with everything that was wrapped he was only getting 9 presents and he already knew what 6 of them were..  I know presents dont matter, but when you are young, they do! I felt horrible for him so I went to the store and bought him 3 more things so he could have more.

Got them all wrapped up and then hung around the house and got other things ready for the “party” which wasnt really a party anyway.

Losh helped me work on a few things for the blog


Abby ran around finding food in random places and the older boys did a routine of hanging around the tv for a few seconds followed by running through the house screaming like banshees for a few minutes. Patience?? Where did you go?!?! I could use you right now!!!

I texted my mother and told her that she HAD to watch the kids when she got off work because I HAD to go run/ride SOMETHING! I was going insane.. I wanted Kaia to have a good birthday and nothing seemed to be going right. The kids were driving me nuts and I was PMSing too. It was just one of those days where the glitter and unicorns were no where to be seen and I just needed to let off some steam.

So My mother arrived, gave me $$$$, and I took off.. I wanted to run outside, but it was too hot and I didnt want to run on the treadmill so I hopped on the bike instead.. 10 miles later and it seemed all of the stress of the day had melted away and I was ready to go face the children again..

I hopped in my car but I didnt even make it out of my driveway when my mother called and informed me that 9 of the 12 presents had been unwrapped.. I.Was.Furious!!! I left the children with 3 adults.. Between the 3 of them how the hell did she manage to go unwrap that many presents?? Werent they watching her?!?!? And why could they not have wrapped them back and not even told me about them because I was obviously already pretty dang irritated with the children. All of the stress that I rode away was suddenly back.

I took the $$$$ my mother had sent to go purchase Kaia a gift from her.. She had already gotten him an air hockey table, but she gave it to him weeks ago.. I think when you are that little you dont understand that the toy you got weeks ago is meant for you birthday and when your birthday comes you wont get a toy.. You just dont understand that and I think my mother saw I was irritated about the present situation.. so I picked him up a few more small toys.

I got back to the house and we got everything wrapped up..


The kids played around, got in trouble a million more times and mostly stayed out of my way.

The kids ate their dinner while us grown-ups waited on ours.. By the time we started eating the kids were already done and back to their annoying selves.. “Can we do presents yet?” “Is it time for cake?” “When can we do the pinata??” *Le sigh*

Aybra managed to get in time out 3 times while I was eating..

After waiting all day, Kaia finally got to open presents..


He got some really cool Spy Glasses that let you see behind you.


Then we sang Happy Birthday and called it a night.


It was already 9pm and too dark for the pinata, plus it was starting to thunder and lightning.. Everybody was just ready to be done.. I was ready to get home. I was late to Seminar and frustrated about that (I dont have time to write a damn essay!)

We got home and of course Kaia wanted to check out all of his new stuff and I didnt mind if he did, but I did mind him (and Aybra) making a huge mess out of everything while I was trying to clean everything up.. (insert even more irritation here).  I gave them each one toy to play with and told them everything else must remain on the couch until I could get it all up..

As I was putting away stuff Kaia ran to me and told me that Aybra broke one of his new toys and spilled water all over the kitchen floor. Are you freaking kidding me?!?!

It took 3 full size bath towels to clean up the mess she made.. She got sent straight to bed and I was happy to only have 2 more children to go! Within minutes, Losh got his nightly junk done and put to bed with no fight and I was finally able to sit down and have a little chat with Kaia. I felt bad for being in a bitchy mood all day and I wanted to apologize to him. He said that he had a great birthday so that made me feel better. I was exhausted from the day, both mentally and physically, so I crashed into bed. Kaia’s only complaint from the day was that I did not read him books before bed. Sorry dude, Ill read double next time! Im just so glad that he was able to enjoy his day and his presents even though I had a hard day.

Did you notice that Losh was the only one who didnt get in trouble yesterday??  The other kids need to learn a lesson from him! And in the meantime I could certainly use some of the patience that Losh seems to possess.

Thanks for all of the Birthday Wishes for Kaia. He enjoyed every single one of them.. Apologies from me for turning what was supposed to be a Happy Birthday post into a bitch-fest. I promise to make the next post a little more happy :)

2 thoughts on “Birthday Success! AKA Day from Hell!

  1. Jena

    Man o Man – Sounds like you had quite the stressful day!

    Glad that Kaia had a great birthday even though you were stressed to the max! I think most parents are probably stressed during a birthday. There is so much to do, and so much to think about! You handled it great!

  2. trooppetrie

    WOW you are normal, i hate that you had a rough day but i am so glad to know that i am normal and having a bad day happens to everyone. Glad he ended up having a good birthday

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