I owned 10 miles…. on a bike :/

Ive been trying to get into the double digits running for way too long now.. On Kaias Birthday (you know, the day from hell) I knew that I HAD to do something that would relieve some stress, but also something that would make me feel good and accomplished.

So I had it in my mind that I would complete 10 miles no matter what I had to do to get there. I had never done 10 miles running or biking so it was somewhat of a challenge, but a very welcoming one.

Prior to that, my longest run had been 8.something miles, though I did have a day of 9 running miles (but it was spread out). My longest bike ride was also 8.something.. In case you dont know, 2 extra miles doesnt seem like a lot, and to be honest it isnt.. as long as you are on a bike! Running 2 extra miles after running 8 is a lot to a slow-paced girl like me!


You can imagine the “high” I got from completing those 10 miles. But there is still a part of me that will not be fully satisfied until I get those 10 miles logged from a run.

What is the longest distance you have ran so far?

I bailed on my long run this past week.. I only managed 5 miles as my longest run… This week I hope to get my long run in fo’ sho’.

One thought on “I owned 10 miles…. on a bike :/

  1. Jen

    Longest distance run has been 10 miles, then I backed off of distance for a bit. I'll be ramping up again soon as I start my half training in August. Gulp.

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