Some more Random.. and a Recipe!

Here is the puppet I made.. Im using him for one of my Church lessons that I posted. His name is Ralph, but I think Im gonna rename him to Reverent Ralph.


I just put a piece of tape to attach his reverent head (after this picture).. That way I can just flip it back and forth. And I laminated him so he can be used a lot… Im thinking of gluing a wooden stick of some sort to the back of him to make him easier to hold up.. Anyway, it turned out cuter than I thought it was going to.


And I had time to kill at therapy (as usual) and I saw this recipe for some lemony maple sweet potatoes.


And since Im too lazy to copy it out of the book here ya go:


I “fixed” my computer… Painstakingly took half of the keys off (only the side she messed up) then cleaned them all and put them back on.. My mouse part is messed up and doesnt work and it randomly ONLY right clicks but whatever, at least its on!


Guess its time to go grade some Loshie school work..


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