Two Crazies..A Capstone..and a funeral.



Im finally on the final leg of being done with under-grad school.. Then Ill move on to grad school. Yippie!! This week marks the beginning of the end of the first beginning ;) I started my Capstone class.. Basically its the final class of my degree where I take everything Ive learned and piece it all together. Its also quite a bit of work with having to write essays and do projects every week, but Im sure it will all be worth it to be done with this program and move on to the next. Its a long time coming.

Every day Ive been setting my alarm for the butt-crack-of-dawn and everyday I get up, walk to the alarm, and turn it back off. Ive been sleeping poorly because of the burn and because of the pain from the burn I have been skipping out on running. (My clothes rub on it)

I decided today to ride my bike instead.. The weather was great. I put some shorts on that wouldnt irritate the burn and took off.. Did I mention the weather was great?!?! I had planned on going 10+ miles but with the brilliant weather called it quits at 5.5 and decided to run instead.

Bad idea! 


It hurt.. Every 1/100 of a mile was painful. Around .27mi I thought about turning around.. At .37 I thought I was going to die. At .51mi I came to a dead stop and just stood there for a bit before I got the courage to turn around and run back. My pace was anything but stellar, but I ran, and I made it back in one piece though in pain. Because I have to wear clothes when I run, I guess that means Im either stuck to running on the dreadmill (UGH!) or not running. Knowing me, Ill take the latter.

One of my best friends from High School’s Uncle died a few days ago. He was a great man.. I didnt know him well, but I hung out with his two sons that I knew. I remembered enough to know that he was a pretty awesome dude. I remember trying to get my mom to date “Uncle eddie”. I remember him being a “Biker Guy”. I remember his long hair and beard. From what I knew of him this was the perfect send-off:


(Stolen from FB from somebody who obviously took a pic of it)

He was sent off in a motorcycle hearse. I had never seen one before and must say that its about the coolest thing Ive ever seen.

I had just finished reading this book:


and in it, it talks about Heaven and Hell and peoples auras. When you go through the tunnel you can see your aura. If its blue you are going to Heaven and if its Red you are going to Hell. During the funeral I thought of that book and those images in the tunnel. I can imagine Uncle Eddie saw blue. Lots of blue.  A man that kind could not go to any other place..

So…. Finally I want to remind you all that the time we are given on this Earth is so short and precious. Make the most of it. Your time could be up in the blink of an eye.

God Bless You All!

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  1. Jen

    Congrats on making it to your capstone!! That is hugical and I'm wicked jealous of it.

    Thank you for the reminder, it's a good one to get.

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