Christopher Columbus Day Children Activities and Crafts (Free Printables)

As we begin our Unit Study on Christopher Columbus I thought I would share what we are doing..

First off, we will make this craft as our Christopher Columbus:


And here is his fantastic ship…


Using this link that has a biography about Christopher Columbus we will learn more about him

These next three pages go together and make a book.. The small cutouts from the worksheet are used to glue into the book.

I have Pre-K all the way to 2nd grade so these 3 worksheets include a whole range of skills from coloring to cutting and pasting to reading. (Im a HUGE fan of studies that involve all of the children)




The following clip-arts and information will be used to make a lap-book.

There is no “how to put it together” guide.. But some of the pictures are specific to some of the information we will include. I glue the information on the back of the corresponding picture and then glue the picture onto the page making it into a flap (as seen here, and here). Make sure your words are still visible if you chose to do this!

columbus-1004 herbs Lynx_earth_globe__oceania_ map shipline smiling_good_sheep_clip_art_6937 zzzcolumbus


If you have any other projects or ideas that would go with this lesson feel free to leave them in a comment!

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