Happy New Year 2014!!

I really haven’t abandoned this blog.. but Im speechless. Ive been sharing daily vlogs on our youtube channel, but I think the beginning of the year deserves a new post, with some “resolutions”. Every year I make some goals (usually don’t reach them) and I also pick one word. In the past Ive used “Love” “more” “less”.. This year I picked “Christlike”. Sounds big, right? Really, its simple. As I was scrolling through my facebook page I came across this image and felt like it fit perfectly.


Ive given up on creating huge goals that I cant accomplish. I feel like there is too much pressure on reaching that goal and once I start doing things that are leading me away from the goal, instead of getting back on track I just leave it.. So to avoid all that this year, Im making completely random goals, and starting at midnight on New Years Eve I reached 1/3 of one of my goals:


Oh yes! That is a pie going into Kaia’s face.. One of my fun goals for 2014 is to hit every one of my kids in the face with a pie. Awesome, right?

Well, Kaia has already paid me back:


Other fun goals for 2014:

Random act of kindness (more specifically: pay for somebodies drive thru order, pay for somebodies gas by leaving a prepaid gas card taped to a gas pump with a note, and mow or rake somebodies yard)

Visit a new place (should be easy, as we plan on vacationing at XXXXX)

Begin running again (starting out slowly as its been MONTHS since Ive done anything)

Try a new cookie recipe (Yummmmm!)


Try a new hairstyle

Did you make any new years goals? If so, share the link here, or let me know what they are if you don’t have a link to them!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2014!!

  1. Jen

    I haven't totally settled on my goals for the year other than to hug my daughter more this year. I have a few others rattling around in my head, but haven't worked them out exactly. I'll post when I do.

    Nice to see you in this space again. Love the pie idea! Happy New Year.

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