Kaia is getting Baptized AKA Reflections on my Baptism..

When I posted my Rants from a Convert post, I certainly never expected to get the feedback that I got. Before I get to the point of this post I want to first say that I appreciate everybody who took the time to read my post and comment on it. I appreciate the advice, the sharing of personal experiences, and the feeling of not being alone. I appreciate the slaps in the face, and the gentle comforts that you all provided, both online and offline. It really meant a lot to me. The best part of it all, is that it got the ball rolling to get Kaia baptized!


(My Baptism in 2008)

The Elders happened to call me days after making that vlog. Was it a coincidence, or had somebody mentioned it to them? I don’t know.. But it was nice. I was telling them that I really wanted Kaia to get baptized this year. He was preparing when he turned 8, but that’s when things started to fall apart. I felt bad this whole time, especially as his 9th birthday came and passed and he still wasn’t baptized. They set a date to come over and talk to him and prepare him for it. I was expecting to wait a few weeks for it to happen, but Kaia wanted to do it ASAP.. like within a week! I think I spoke with them first on a Saturday and they wanted to plan to Baptize him the next Saturday.

I instantly had doubts. Was he ready? Did he understand what was going to happen and what was required of him? Would he be up to it? The Elders quickly calmed my doubts and assured me that he would do fine. I put my trust in them and we set the date for the first lesson. Kaia was so excited. It has been all he has talked about. The Elders gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and he has carried it around everywhere with him. He has been reading it, having me read it to him, and feeling so grown up by “marking” scriptures in his book. Seriously y’all, it makes my mama heart explode with love.


So, as the Elders and I have been preparing him for his baptism, it has lead me to reflect on my baptism. (Read the blog here) It’s hard to believe that it has been almost 6 years since my life changed. Getting baptized was the best thing I could have done for myself and my family and I’ll forever be grateful for all those who had a part in making it happen.

We walked in the font. I thought my dress was going to float away but it didnt.. I was able to tuck it between my legs and it stayed nicely.. Here comes the Baptism.. They called all of the kids to the front so they could watch. Kaia got front and center.. “Mommy is in the water!”…..Elder Weight started…. Dunk! That didnt feel like anything.. I still feel the same!!! :( Oh wait! I floated up.. “Mommy you went under the water” So I had to get dunked again. This time much better. I came out of the water and it really was a new experience. I knew there were people in the room but I was completely unaware of them. They all seemed like a big blur. Kaia stood there saying “What are you doing Mommy? Mommy you are in the water!” 

As I think about my own I keep coming back to this one quote. Immediately after I emerged from the water the missionary that did my baptism stopped me and told me this:


I have never forgotten that feeling and never forgotten that quote. Every time I see a baptism I think of that and wonder if that person felt how I felt. I can’t explain the feeling, but I pray that Kaia feels it too.  He doesn’t remember seeing my baptism, but he is excited for his own. I am so proud that he has made this decision and I know that it will bless him, and his future family. I’ll leave you with a couple images from my baptism. As you can see, the only family support I had was the kids grandpa. I hope that Kaia will have more.




The plan is to baptize him this coming Saturday!!

2 thoughts on “Kaia is getting Baptized AKA Reflections on my Baptism..

  1. angi

    I was raised baptist but I remember my baptism. My oldest daughter Glowed when she was baptized. I almost felt as moved as when I was baptized myself. I believe very eclectic now. thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. Lisa

    I really enjoy this post. Thank you for sharing your testimony and your experience. Congratulations to Kaia!

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