Sunday Confessions


  • Sometimes the best part about Church is when the children go to Primary and the teachers take charge of them
  • I researched the breed that Emma is.. Apparently she is raised primarily for her meat so I jokingly called her “Dinner” one day and now when Aybra gets mad at her she calls her Dinner. #ILaughedALot
  • I’ve been blogging as LAAC for 6 years and JUST purchased my domain #Slow
  • I bought, and fed my kids frozen fish sticks. They loved it. I plan on buying more of that mystery meat soon.
  • I *just* threw away tons of old papers that I have no reason why I even kept.
  • To go along with that last one, I was – am? – a crazy parent when my kids were younger. I kept papers on my kids, of when and how much they ate, their medicines, diapers changed, etc..
  • I’m fed up with my vehicle always breaking, but not in a financial position to make payments on a new/used one and just terrified of the whole process of getting a new car anyway – What if it’s worse than my one now!?!

Dear Readers, what are your Sunday Confessions?
Leave a comment below letting me know, or link to a blog post with your confessions!