Citizenship – Community Service – 2014 Talks & Demos – 4H

A few weeks ago Kaia had the opportunity to present a talk about Community Service. It was part of a 4H activity, and in our efforts to get more involved I figured this “easy” activity would be the perfect thing to start with.


He was the only person in his category (Citizenship) and spoke about Community Service. Other talks included bow safety, things to know when you call 911, how to download angry birds, and how to start a Facebook page.

I must say, the children all did exceptionally well. Their presentations (power points and poster boards) were superior to Kaia’s lonely poster board with cut out words and drawings.  I really had no clue what to except, but I think for his fist time he did well. The only corrections I gave him was to hold the poster so others could see it AND his face. I wasn’t aware that they would have an easel for the poster board, so I glued his talk to the back and told him he could just hold it up.. Sorry Kaia!!

Because he was the only one in his category he automatically placed first and qualified to go to district competition. I’m not entirely sure how that will work out, but if we can I would love to have him go. I’m also unsure if he is able to alter his talk or presentation, but if so, we will work on making it better!  In the meantime, here is his talk:

What is community service?

Community service is donating time to serve the community. Whenever somebody preforms community service they are making something better for their community. Community service can help people and the Earth.

Anybody can perform community service! I can. You can. There is no age limit for somebody to be able to do community service. Even my brother who is in a wheelchair can participate in community service.

There are a lot of different kinds of community service projects. There are a few pictures on my board that show acts of community service. Some of these are food drives, clearing trash from the roads, planting gardens, doing yard work for others, donating food or clothes to needy places, volunteering at the animal shelter, teaching or mentoring younger children, visiting with the elderly, painting over graffiti, or even collecting money for a charity.

I have done many of the things I just mentioned. With 4H, I donated to local charities and volunteered at an animal shelter. You can get involved with your community and perform an act of community service. It doesn’t have to be a big act, even small acts count.

While this may seem short, he did have a time limit (2-5 minutes) and he did add some extra bits to the talk and gave more examples, but I didn’t include that above. 

I wanted to share this because it’s a great reminder that community service is important to all of us. If we want a better community, we must start with ourselves.

6 thoughts on “Citizenship – Community Service – 2014 Talks & Demos – 4H

  1. Candace

    Fantastic! Way to go, Kaia! Community Service is so important. I’m continually trying to find ways to get my kids involved. I never thought of signing them up for 4H for some reason. My Mom did 4H… I guess I just sort of forgot!

  2. Suzanne

    This is great! A very nice presentation that he put together. My guess would be that he’ll be allowed to alter some stuff about his presentation if he wants to, seems reasonable to me anyway! Good luck to him!

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