The five Stages of Moving..

One thing that I have a love/hate relationship with is moving. I love the idea of a new place and a fresh start, but I hate the whole packing/unpacking and MOVING part. So, while I prepare to move for the umpteenth time I’ve been thinking of the stages of moving and I’ve narrowed it down to 5.


1. The Realization Stage

The first stage happens over time for many of us, but can also come on suddenly with a new development in life. You may take a new job somewhere, get married, or even have a tragedy occur that requires moving. For me, that tragedy is living in an older house with a landlord who is unwilling to make needed repairs.

2. The Planning Stage

This involves finding out where you want to live, locating a house, figuring out what your new expenses will be, where your children will go to school, etc. This is perhaps the most stressful stage. This, along with the next stage is where I am. I have been searching for a new place within my budget but keep coming up empty.  I’m not very particular about a certain style, but I do need decent accommodations in a safe neighborhood.

3. The De-cluttering Stage

The de-cluttering stage simply involves lightening your load, so you aren’t moving a lot of “junk” from one place to another. This stage is one of my favorites. I don’t consider myself a pack rat or hoarder, but I find myself holding onto things longer than I need to (particularly papers and such). Being able to rid them is such a great feeling. Not having to move an entire car load of useless things, is an even greater feeling.

4. The Moving Stage

Everything has suddenly become official. You are loading the boxes into the back of the truck and closing the door on your old house for the last time. You are MOVING! This is perhaps the most exciting stage, but also the most labor intensive, and somewhat expensive. Deposits on houses, transfers of utilities. It all adds up, but the minute you step in to the new house and unpack the first box those expenses are quickly forgotten. 

5. The Getting Settled Stage

Speaking of unpacking, getting settled comes next. You quickly get into a new routine with your new house. Toothbrushes once went there, but now they go here. Figuring out the new light switches and how to get the water temperate just right for your bath is all a fun learning experience. Soon you get used to things in the new house and it begins to feel like home.

I’m looking forward to stepping foot into my new house, wherever it may be, and getting settled in to a new routine. What do you look forward to when moving?