My kid has a hole in his neck and I am HAPPY about it!

This adorable little boy…

trach-decannulation admitted to the hospital today



..and that thing sitting in the foreground is his trach..


Yeah baby! He got it out!!


They say the hole will close within 2-3 months, if not they might surgically close it or wait up to a year..


Praise GOD that all went well!

3 thoughts on “My kid has a hole in his neck and I am HAPPY about it!

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  2. Jaime

    Congratulations!! that is a HUGE step! I hope all continues to go in the positive direction for your super, duper cute little man and your family!

    My daughter was never trached but she almost had one when she was in a coma. She started weaning off intubation right and showing she could breathe on her own right as we started discussing it!

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