A little boy took a big step

As long as I can remember Losh has always been “spiritual”. He has something about him that I’ve never really seen in anybody else; so pure compared to most. So, when he wanted to get baptized I was a little hesitant. After all, baptism is for the remission of sins, and this little guy had no sins. Of course he has made a few transgressions, but sins are an entirely different matter. When our home teacher and missionaries started asking about his baptism, I knew it was time.

Losh with Elder Hanover and  Elder Daley

Losh was excited to make that step towards baptism and eagerly took the lessons from the missionaries. Now, anybody that knows Losh knows that he won’t respond when asked a question. He will “woof” and shy away. Call it stubborn if you will, but he has always been like that. He prefers to do things when he is not “on the spot” and will just refuse to talk unless it is his idea.


Losh with his scriptures.

  The missionaries had a very tough time knowing if he understood everything they were teaching him. I would question him after they left and he would answer me, but he just refused to talk to them. This made the baptismal interview difficult. The one that interviewed him did a great job and they got permission for me to sit with him. Losh did very well and I think he talked to that guy more in the short time he saw him than the others throughout the whole weeks they came to the house.

The date for baptism was set in a hurry (June 28th) and I didn’t get a chance to invite many people (I wasn’t sure that the time was official until the day or so before). He had a few people come out to support him though.

Our traditional picture in front of the sign

There was much discussion prior about how it was going to happen especially since Losh is so tiny compared to most and can’t stand. They had discussed letting him sit on his knees in the water and just fill the font very shallow, and there had been discussion about them just holding him. It was ultimately decided that holding him would be best. They got special permission for both Elders to be able to do it.

If you can imagine the pose that ballerinas do with their arms in front of them as if they are holding onto a bowl, that is how Losh was held. Elder Daley’s arm made a great seat for Losh and when it was time to dunk him, he just kind of squatted down. Losh was so nervous that he was shaking, but he held his breath and was only dunked once. I really thought that he was going to freak out once he got inside the font and cry, but he didn’t.

Prior to baptism

The spirit in the room was incredible. I have felt the spirit strong before, but never how I felt it then. For me, the feeling wasn’t the same as it normally is at other baptisms. This time the spirit felt so childlike. Normally I feel like the spirit is so serious and everybody is focused on moving forward and letting go of the past, but it wasn’t the case this night. It was a neat experience to say the least.

One happy grandpa

When Losh came back into the room after getting dressed he was all smiles. Again, I’ve never seen anybody smile so much at a baptism. It was such a happy, joyous moment.

Instagram picture

The best family shot we got

I am so happy that this moment finally arrived; that Losh was finally baptized, and that it all went well. I was terrified that he would get water into his trach stoma (it is still slightly open, but we did wrap it up well before). It could not have been any better. He received the gift of the Holy Ghost the following Sunday and was pretty excited about it too. His reaction to the whole thing is “thumbs up”.

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    That is an amazing story and I am so glad that he was able to get baptized. Congratulations.

  2. Ann B (@AnnBac9)

    What a great story. Thank you for sharing this incredible family moment with is. Very inspiring.

  3. Jessica

    Wow!!! This is such an incredible story. Congrats =o) Thanks for sharing…he looks so happy!

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