Life without a trach..

It has been a month since Losh had his trach removed. I have 2 children that do not have trachs and have never had trachs, but we are still learning how to live life without a trach.


I never let go of the thought that he could have to have his trach replaced, but so far he has done well without it. A part of me is still…

A part of me is still worried that he could have to have it replaced, but that fear is slowly dying. I am somewhat comforted that the stoma remains ever so slightly open. I would like to say that life has changed drastically since having the trach out, but the truth is that not much has changed. We never really treated him any differently for having it. We allowed him to do anything he wanted (with modifications if needed), but never held him back. I credit that to going from being dependent on this little piece of plastic, to suddenly having it removed.


Life without a trach for us means:

Not carrying around a suction machine
No daily trach care or trach changes
Less supplies to worry about

It is not a big drastic change that I thought it was going to be and for that I am grateful.

53 thoughts on “Life without a trach..

  1. Alli

    Not being a drastic change speaks volumes for you as a mom. I like that you never treated him differently, only modifying when needed.

  2. Logan Cantrell

    Wow. You are both so brave for different reasons. I can’t imagine how difficult it is watching your child go through this, but you are such a strong person. I admire you.

  3. Lesley Stevens

    Wish your family lots of blessings and wellness. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you as a mom to have to make these sorts of choices but it seems to me like you are doing the best you can. Great job momma. You have beautiful children.

  4. Erika

    Wow that does sound kind of scary. After my cat Fritz had kidney failure, and we healed him, I was still so paranoid about it for months afterward. It felt very stressful. I can only imagine how it’s been for you.

  5. Jennifer Williams

    Congrats on having the trach removed. I love reading that you never let it hold him back, it is such a great thing when children are allowed to be children regardless of what obstacles they have.

  6. Tami

    I wasn’t 100% sure what a trach is, but figured it out after I read the whole post. Congrats on being trach free. I love that you didn’t treat him any different for having it. That’s how it should be!

  7. Pam

    Congratulations for the progress and being trach free for a month. I am sure the little guy is more comfortable now and with several months passed now, mom must be a little more relaxed.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and what you do and high praise because as a nurse, I have an understanding of some of it.

  8. Rosey

    I’m sure even though the changes aren’t huge, they’re still nice. :) And hurrah for the baptism, that’s awesome!

  9. Amanda Love

    Congratulations on that big achievement. I can surely imagine the relief you are feeling right now.

  10. Mina Slater

    Wow, that is awesome! I love that you didn’t treat him differently or hold him back. Very glad to know things are going so well without the trach.

  11. maria

    I’ll be saying prayer for your entire family. So glad he had it removed and is doing well without it.

  12. maria

    So glad he is doing well without the trache. Will be saying prayers for your family just in case.

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