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Not allowed to have pets in her apartment, a young girl, Suzannah, volunteers at an animal shelter to get her animal fix. Her job is to make treats for the animals and play with them. Suzannah notices that Jelly Bean, a guinea pig, who was turned over to the animal shelter by his family, is having a hard time finding a new family. She makes it her mission to find him a new home. Will she succeed? Will somebody want a guinea pig as a pet?

Shelter Squad Book Review by LifeAsAConvert 

In this charming illustrated chapter book series by Newbery Honor author Cynthia Lord, the Shelter Pet Squad kids find the perfect homes for animals in need!

Suzannah’s always wanted a pet of her own, but she lives in an apartment where there are absolutely no pets allowed. What she CAN do is volunteer at a local pet shelter. There, although she’s the youngest, Suzannah quickly finds herself making friends with the kids and bonding with the animals. She makes toys and treats for the animals. She feeds the cats and plays with the puppies!

Then a girl just her age brings a guinea pig named Jelly Bean to the shelter. Suzannah promises that she’ll find the little creature the perfect home. But what if no one wants an abandoned guinea pig?

Newbery Honor author Cynthia Lord has created a fun and heartwarming chapter books series. (Source)

This chapter book is great for young readers (2nd-4th grade). Curiosity over how the story ends should keep your little reader engaged throughout the whole story. This story would also be great as a read aloud story.

Do you read chapter books to your children?

*I received a copy of this book in order to facilitate a review.

23 thoughts on “Shelter Pet Squad Jelly Bean

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    My 2nd grader is just starting to get into chapter books, so I bet he would like this one because he LOVES animals.

  2. Mandi

    We are going to start short chapter books with our oldest, who is 9. This one might be good for him because we literally just welcome a new foster dog into our home!

  3. Dana

    Awww this sounds so cute! I love animals and would love to get this book for my nephew to read. they just adopted a puppy from an animal shelter so its perfect timing!

  4. Terry

    What a cute book. I always try to have new books for my Grandkids to read when they come over. I have to keep replacing them because they take them home with them.

  5. Lesley

    I love books like this! I really need some chapter books for my 8-year-old son, I think we’ll give this one a try, thanks for sharing.

  6. Pam

    Shelter pets are near and dear to my heart, because all of mine are from shelters. What a cute idea for a book!

  7. Pam

    What a cute book. The only problem with this is that your kids might ask for a pet or to have more pets. So you better be ready, LOL.

  8. Chrystal @ YUM eating

    What a great story. The boxer I have, Casey was a rescue. My cat came from a littler that was dropped off at my moms house. She lives in the country which seem to be a drop point for unwanted pets. So sad. I used to read chapter books to kiddo when she was younger. She does it all on her own now.

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