All Falls Down – another A.K. Morgen masterpiece

As mentioned many times before, my sister is an author. Me? I’m not. I do good just by writing this blog. But, this post isn’t about me, this is about her – my sister – A.K. Morgen. Her most recent book, All Falls Down was released 4 days ago on the 1st of November and I just finished reading it. Here’s a hint: I think you should too!

All Falls Down by AK Morgen Review by LifeAsAConvert

When Savannah Martin walks in on her abusive boyfriend and her best friend in bed together, she thinks life can’t possibly get any worse. And then she wakes up in a hospital in Italy, scared and alone. With nowhere left to go, Savannah runs to the family who took her in when her mother abandoned her as a teenager.

But things aren’t as simple as they were then.

For starters, two years of constant emotional abuse has broken Savannah in ways she’s not sure can be repaired. And patriarch Matthew Talbot has been murdered, leaving his eldest daughter, Lexi, in charge of a global non-profit and her younger sisters.
Jared Corbit, Lexi’s gorgeous boyfriend, is the only thing standing between her and whoever murdered her father. That doesn’t stop Savannah from falling in love with him. She knows it’s wrong, but she just can’t stay away from him when he makes he feel like no one else ever has before.

Finding out his relationship with Lexi is a ruse should make things easier, but when the truth is finally revealed, Savannah’s fragile world threatens to fall apart. There’s a murderer on the loose, and he’s gunning for the only family she has. To save their lives, she and Jared will be forced to make a decision that just might destroy her completely.

How is she supposed to let the man she loves be with another woman?  (Source)

Savannah, a young girl, abandoned by her mother and abused by her boyfriend, reunites with the family that took her in so many years ago. Will they understand her? Will they treat her differently? Will she have the man that is already taken?

All Falls Down, the newest novel by A.K. Morgen, tells the story of Savannah, a girl who was in an abusive relationship. Has Savannah become so broken down by her abuser that she can’t function in a healthy relationship? You must read to find out how Savannah manages to overcome her broken past and move on with her life.

You can purchase All Falls Down on Amazon (Kindle edition) here. A portion of all proceeds will go to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

*I did not receive anything for this post or review and I won’t receive anything if you purchase the book… but who knows, maybe I can talk my sister into buying me lunch one day ;)

28 thoughts on “All Falls Down – another A.K. Morgen masterpiece

  1. Amanda Love

    This sounds like something I would read. I love these type of books and I’m happy to hear that she’s donating a portion of the book towards a great cause as well.

  2. Melissa Smith

    This sounds like a great read! Although i have to say that I do prefer a physical book to an ebook, so I’ll just have to keep watch to see if she ever puts it in print. You can discuss that over lunch. ;-)

  3. Liz Mays

    This sounds like a really intense story with lots of internal and external conflicts. It’s so cool that your sister wrote it!

  4. Amanda Ripsam

    I love meeting new authors and reading their books.
    I was trying to find if the story was a fiction or non fiction it sounds like something I would like to read.

  5. Lisa Ladrido

    Wow, that is great, congrats to your sister. What a dream come true for sure. Sounds like a great story. That happened to my grandmother (not the abuse part), she found her husband in their bed with her grown niece. That is also wonderful that proceeds will be going to the NDVH.

  6. Ann Bacciaglia

    This looks like an interesting read. I will have to pick up a copy for a summer read.

  7. AnnemariE LeBlanc

    Interesting book to read. There are a lot of abused women who do not want to come out in the open. There’s this stigma about being labeled as a battered wife that inhibits them from seeking help. I would love to get a copy of this.

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