Attendance Records for Homeschool Printables FREE

Attendance Records for Homeschool:

Hey guys!! I am excited to announce my FIRST printable worksheets for download. These are intended to be used in a Homeschool Planner, but can be used anywhere you have the need. The next few weeks I will be uploading more worksheets (and won’t be following the new posting schedule¬†while doing so). I have quite a few I want to get up, so please bear with me while I make them all available. Right after that, I will be back down to twice a week posts!

These printable attendance records for homeschool are FREE and available now for download! They are available in color, or black and white. There is a version for single students as well as a version for multiple students (up to three). The first two are undated. The last two are dated for the 2015-2016 school year.

These attendance records are easy to use. Simply, check the days when your student attends. Each column is labeled for 31 days, but use only the spots that are needed.

Download the PDF to your computer for use anytime.

Multiple Children:

Attendance Records for Homeschool Printable Multiple Children FREEAttendance Records for Multiple Children
(Green) (Pink) (Blue) (BW)

Single Student:

Attendance Records for Homeschool Printable FREEAttendance records for single student
(Green) (Pink) (Blue) (BW)

2015-2016 Attendance Record for Multiple Children:

2015-2016 Attendance Records for Homeschool Multiple Children Homeschool Printable FREE2015-2016 Attendance Records for Multiple Children
(Green) (Pink) (Blue) (BW)

2015-2016 Attendance Record for Single Student:

2015-2016 Attendance Records for Homeschool Printable FREE2015-2016 Attendance Records for Single Student
(Green) (Pink) (Blue) (BW)

If you like these, stick around for more. I have weekly schedules, year at a glance calendars, and note pages coming this week! As soon as I get them ALL posted, I will create a comprehensive post with links to all the different pages. I will update here as soon as that is done.

22 thoughts on “Attendance Records for Homeschool Printables FREE

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    That is a great way to keep track. I am sure a lot of homeschooling parents will find this helpful!

  2. Pam

    These are great printables! If this weren’t our last year homeschooling, I would definitely be using them. As is, I’ll pass them on to some friends who are homeschooling their younger kids.

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      We actually do not have to keep attendance either, but I have a big feeling that will be changing, and I wanted to get in the habit of it so it wouldn’t be a huge transition for me, also if I moved to a state where it is required, I will be more prepared.

  3. Donna Ward

    Yes I can see that this would be helpful – It was always my goal as a kid all thru school to have 100% attendance – so I could see this making it more fun to have posted for everyone to see

  4. Amanda Love

    I don’t homeschool but I’m sure those that do would really enjoy these printables, although in a few years I’ll need them since I plan on homeschooling my toddler.

  5. amanda

    These are great! One suggestion for improvement would be a column at the bottom to tally monthly attendance, for quick at a glance digital tracking of how close we are to our 180 days. If I weren’t tech impaired, I’d have figured out how to do it myself! : )

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