Top 5 LDS Convert Struggles

Top 5 LDS Convert Struggles:

When somebody joins The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they are putting themselves into a whole new world and can face a lot of struggles. Depending on their lifestyle before, it can be quite difficult to convert fully. I was blessed to have some really caring people during my conversion. Some struggles were easier than others. Let me tell you the Top 5 LDS Convert Struggles:
Top 5 LDS Convert Struggles according to a convert

1 – Word of Wisdom: What?! You don’t want me to drink coffee? Then how I am going to stay caffeinated?
2 – Tithing: 10%? You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s like giving you a new pair of shoes every month!
3 – Fasting: Ever heard of hangry? No? Let me tell you: when somebody is so hungry they get angry. If you don’t feed me you will see hangry.
4 – New Callings: Primary Teacher? You can’t be serious. How am I supposed to teach these children, when they know more than me?!
5a – Keeping Friends: Did you hear about Courtney? She’s a Mormon now. I heard they don’t do anything fun. Maybe we shouldn’t hang out with her anymore.
5b – And Meeting Friends: You don’t drink. You don’t party. You spend a lot of time at church activities. Revealing you are a Mormon can be tricky business.

This Top 5 LDS Convert Struggles post was done in fun. Not everybody is going to have the same struggles. The biggest struggle for me, was having unsupportive family and friends. If you want to help an LDS convert with these struggles, just be supportive and encourage them, even if you disagree with their beliefs.

Are you Mormon? Do you know any Mormons? 

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  1. Kate

    For me it was learning about Joseph Smith’s marriage to a 14 year old girl, Brigham Young’s statements on blacks, the disturbing sexism in the temple ceremony and the historical issues with the Book of Abraham- all things that the missionaries didn’t tell me about before I joined.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I guess I don’t understand. Drinking coffee is against your religion? I don’t know anyone who is a Mormon, so I am not familiar with the practices.

  3. Amanda Ripsam

    I am going to open up as well, I do attend church and I am a member of community’s of Christ. I’m not a morman I personally don’t read the morman bible but our church does use it’s teachings to compare notes from it and relate it to the bible and see the compare and contrast it’s a different type of church then the mormans. Different rules and perspectives then mormans have. I can relate to how you are feeling. I just keep in perspective the new relationships I do have the confidence I found and keep my faith strong. Most would never guess I was part of Community’s of Christ.

  4. Rena McDaniel

    I don’t know much about the Mormon religion. My SIL’s family are Mormon but that is the extent of my knowledge but from what you are saying it seems awful strict.

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      In all honestly I am still confused about coffee and caffeine in general. Alcohol/drugs I can understand. I believe the reason is because of its addictive power and that it could alter your mind (the caffeine rush).

      1. Toscha

        Hello! I am an LDS convert myself. I have been since 2009. The issue with the coffee is not the coffee it’s self it is the caffeine in the coffee that is the issue. The Words of Wisdom want us to keep our body (temple) clean and pure free from harm. Caffeine has been known to cause a host of medical issues including making people sick and have with draws if they don’t get their caffeine. I personally do not drink coffee but love me some Pepsi witch goes against the Words of Wisdom. Before I converted I use to drink close to 12 letters so Pepsi a day I was killing myself with the caffeine. Do to my high usage of caffeine I had to turn to my doctor for help to get off it. Sadly because of usage to this day I am still slowly reducing my caffeine in take little by little as instructed by the doctor. I have seen great improvements in my health since I have started to reduce my caffeine intake. It has been a huge struggle and I continue to pray for strength to over come this. I am now down to a 1 letter a day verses my 12 letters.You will see as you go along many LDS drinking coffee or soda most of witch is caffeine free. Some will drink caffeine but it is done in moderation. I hope this information is helpful.

  5. Helene Cohen Bludman

    I think for anyone making the convert there will be struggles. I give you credit for dealing with those challenges.

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      I like this comment. If I recall correctly you are Muslim. I think it is great when you can have conversations about religion without it being negative.

  6. ourfamilyworld

    I have never heard of this religion. Thank you for sharing with us. I am always supportive of other’s believes. I am sorry that your family was not supportive

  7. Liz Mays

    I had know idea it’s a struggle to maintain relationships! I’m sure you’re a better person for having conquered some of these challenges.

  8. Pam

    I used to have a friend who was LDS, back in high school. Her biggest struggle was the no coffee thing!

  9. mburbage

    I guess I don’t get it, coffee is against your religion? Making friends is..? and keeping friends is….??? I don’t understand that. religion shouldn’t have anything to do with making friends, though it’s an extra bonus if you do find someone sharing your interest, are you not allowed to make friends with non Mormons? You’ve lost friends because of your religion? Honestly if that happened, maybe you’re hanging out with the wrong friends all together. They shouldn’t care what you believe in, or not believe in… If you connect, you connect, enjoy it, don’t sweat the ones that question what you believe in

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      It is not against any religion as far as I know to make or keep friends. My reference to that was the lifestyle choices that one makes when becoming Mormon… like no longer drinking alcohol or going to bars. If activities with friends involved doing that, then it would be one less thing to do with friends.

  10. Lesley

    I think everything in life has its struggles. Jesus has overcome the world though, so we need not fret. Everything will happen in its season. God bless.

  11. Lisa Rios

    This is interesting. I never know there are hurdles that you need to pass through during conversion. I agree the biggest struggle is the one when we don’t have people from our family or friends circle to support us.

  12. Veronica

    I think it is the same for Christians in general. I have gone through some of those same struggles. You just have to hold God’s Word in your heart and let it guide you in all these struggles and decisions

  13. April G

    My best friend is a Mormon and we have tons of fun together. I actually like attending a lot of her church activities, they are pretty pretty cool, clean fun.

  14. Chrystal @ Nevermore Lane

    I have friends from all religions. I like that we can all respect each other and we have even learned from each other over the years. I think a lot of it was due to growing up in a big city where culture is diverse. I also a pretty accepting person. I have friends who are all types of Christians, Pagan/Wicca and atheists and agnostics. Everyone is entitled to their own set of beliefs.

    We tithe, but that 10% is so hard – especially when we were both in school and couldn’t even afford our mortgage payment. We did what we could when we could.

    I think there are always going to be those that are curious and then those who believe everything on the internet.

    Everything we have to work through gets easier with time.

  15. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty

    Not a Mormon, but have friends who are. I don’t necessarily understand or agree with everything, but we’ve never had issues.

  16. Mama to 5 BLessings

    I am a Christian and we tithe every week. It noted in the Bible to do so, obedience equals blessing and I have seen God bless my family. We do not take a UHaul with the heaven taking shoes or money with us, after all what I have belongs to The Good Lord.

  17. Babita

    I was recently watching a TV series where it was mentioned drinking coffee is not allowed in the Mormon religion. I have to say I was surprised to learn that.

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      The most often question I get asked after telling somebody I don’t drink/smoke/party is “What do you do for fun?”.. As if that is the ONLY way to have fun.

  18. Melissa Vera

    To be honest the Mormon religion is not one that I believe in but I know everyone has a right to their own beliefs that is what makes this country great.

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