Homeschool Curriculum Planning – A Simple Process

Homeschool Curriculum Planning

Homeschool Curriculum Planning 

One of the most frequently asked questions that homeschoolers get is “Where do you get your curriculum from?” As a single mother that question is often amended with “How do you afford it?”  I am here to answer both of those questions in one post. The simple answer may surprise you. Homeschool Curriculum planning is actually not a difficult process.

Homeschool Curriculum Planning - How to simplify the process and save money doing so.


When I begin planning my curriculum I have a process I go through:

Decide what curriculum I want to use (A Beka seems to win every year)
Go to their website and search by grade
Find the child kit and see what comes in it
Go to amazon and find those books used

That’s it!

Using this process saves money. I am able to find the majority of the books at half the cost of a new book.

For example, on the A Beka website the 3rd grade kit comes with a book called Doors to Discovery. At the time of writing, this book sells for $14.50 on their website. I was able to find the exact same book for nearly half the price on Amazon.

I also shop at our local used homeschool book sales. I am able to fully preview the material that I am buying and decide upfront whether it will be a good fit for my family or not.

I then save and reuse the books for each of my children. I do this by not writing directly in the workbooks. Instead, we use notepaper. Sometimes, I am able to find the previous version for a much lower cost.

When the children were younger I would take the pages out of the books and place them inside plastic sheet protectors. This allowed them to use dry erase markers to write on the sheet protectors and save the pages. They were able to re-do any worksheet they may have needed extra help with. This was incredibly useful when they were learning to write their name or trace shapes. Instead of using one piece of paper each time, they could simply erase the writing on the plastic protector and re-do it.

One final tip when doing your homeschool curriculum planning is to keep an inventory of what you have. This helps avoid repeat buys. When you sell an item, mark it off of your inventory.
Do you purchase any of your homeschool curriculum books used? If you are not a homeschooler, do you purchase other books used?

30 thoughts on “Homeschool Curriculum Planning – A Simple Process

  1. Terri Ramsey Beavers

    This is such an informative homeschool curriculum planning post. My sister homeschools her daughter and she is so organized she puts me to shame. I try to always buy used books for my own personal reading even though.

  2. Ashley

    I love the idea of using page protectors to reuse worksheets! We don’t homseschool currently, but do a lot of learning activities at home and would save me so many trips to Staples ;) I have several boxes of homeschool books I need to sell/donate- any suggestions on where to do it? Thanks!

  3. Dina

    I love to purchase used books. I’m a bit of an addict. I just donated about 35 books to my library recently. My son goes to college in the fall and I’ll be looking for all his class books online. :)

  4. Cara (@StylishGeek)

    This is a fantastic post and I would love to do a feature on you one day on Home Schooling. I wish I had done this when my kid was younger. But perhaps at that time there weren’t much resources available that the idea seems so daunting. I did, however, purchased gazillions of children’s books (I was crazy…I bought nearly 200+…which my nephews are now enjoying) and tried to encourage her to read more. Anyway, I really appreciate your post and let me know if you’re interested in a blog feature. My particulars in :)

  5. Milosz Zak

    In my experience, some of the most educative and memorable moments were times when I was travelling. I think any homeschool curriculum should involve some sort of experiential component. It’s great to see that you’re developing alternatives to our current systems of education.

  6. Tami Q.

    I didn’t Homeschool my oldest two but I’m really considering it with my youngest. He’s only two but finding helpful articles like this are helping me prepare for the day he’s old enough.

    I used the dry erase markers and page protectors for math worksheets during summer breaks to help my oldest with math.

  7. tammileetips

    I love shopping on Amazon to save money. I haven’t checked out their used books before though I will have to try that out. I have a couple friends who do a co-op swap to save money on their curriculum too.

  8. Lauren

    I’m so back and forth about how I want to school my children. Homeschool sounds like such a great option, but I have no where to start! This is definitely a great starting point for me, thank you!

  9. Giveaways 4 Mom

    I love the concept of homeschooling. If I did not have to work my boys would be homeschooled to. In my opinion there are just so many benefits that come along with homeschooling. I hate that I have to send my boys off to school.

  10. Cherri Megasko

    This process is all so foreign to me. When my girls were young I knew very few people who homeschooled, but now it seems so much more prevalent. I love the concept and can see so many benefits in the process.

  11. Mommy Pehpot

    Back when I only have two kids, I consider home schooling them but I was overwhelmed with the many resources that even before I complete a curriculum, I gave up. I still wish I was able to complete a year but I think homeschooling is not really for me,

    Thank goodness for articles like these, you make homeschooling easier.

  12. Lesley

    I don’t do too much planning for our homeschool. We do more of an unschool method. Great ideas though for simplifying your process. I respect anyone who can keep good records and school plans.

  13. Pam

    My kids have all graduated from college but the only books we ever had to purchase were when they were in college. They went to a public high school and I believe those books were loaned to the students.

  14. Donna Ward

    I did have my son in a home school environment for his Jr Hi years – working with a teacher that set up the curriculum and took care of the grading for us – I am glad I didn’t have to do the extra – Congrats on all you do

  15. Rosey

    You’ve always got great resources here for homeschoolers. I didn’t even know there was a used book place to purchase items for home schooling, but how cool that there is… saving money is always a good thing. :)

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