Aybra’s Puppy Dog Birthday Party (w/ Free Printables)

Puppy Dog Birthday Party

Aybra’s 7th birthday party happened this weekend. She chose a puppy dog birthday party theme. I had fun making the decorations and wanted to share them with you! I will have links to download all the printables at the end of this post.

happy birthday puppy dog birthday party theme aybra

She specifically requested Dalmation, but after searching pinterest for ideas, they all seemed geared towards boys, so I went with a black and white color scheme and I chose to keep it simple. I planned the menu with a little more help from pinterest, then made the labels. I made sure to print a few extra blank ones too incase we added anything else. They came in handy as name tags for her presents.

puppy dog birthday party food 7puppy dog birthday party theme food ideas

I tend to go overboard with the food on parties. This time, I bought less than I normally do, and still ended up with plenty of leftovers. I found some dog bowls at the local Dollar Tree and used those to display food. They were quite small, so I had to fill them up a few times, but it worked out well.

Our Menu:
Fetch Sticks (Pretzels)
Raw Hides (Twizzlers)
Bone-Wiches (Sandwiches)
Paw-sta (Pasta)
Pup corn (Cheese balls)
Puppy Treats (Potato Sticks)
Toilet Water (Blue Punch)

Losh thought it was hilarious that we were serving Toilet Water.

puppy dog birthday party theme ideas birthday banner

Aybra asked for her Pa’s cake: chocolate with pink icing. On the cake table I used a white table cloth and printed out some paw prints in random sizes. I also had an extra piece of tissue paper that had paw prints, two ceramic dogs, and our traditional birthday center piece.

For presents she asked for a few specific things (stuffed German Shepard puppy, rocket, and a scooter). She ended up with 2 German Shepard stuffed animals, everything on her list, plus some clothes and other awesome presents.

At the end of the party, we sent each guest home with a Doggy Bag. I used a basic puppy chow recipe to fill the bags. While the ones shown here are customized with her name, the ones for download below just have “Thanks for coming to my pasty”. I also found some wrist bands at our local teacher supply store that had paw prints on them. Simple, but effective. I wanted to steer away from the cheap toys that fall apart quickly. This seemed to work out well as a replacement.

puppy dog birthday party theme ideas

I shared a sneak peak at the food on my Facebook page and everybody seemed to love it. I say it was a success :)

Next up is Losh.. He has chosen another Christmas Theme.

Puppy Dog Birthday Party Theme Printables:

wipe your paws



doggy bag birthday party

Food labels contain more than what is shown in the following image:
puppy dog birthday party food labels

Happy Birthday Banner:


Do your kids have themed birthday parties? 

65 thoughts on “Aybra’s Puppy Dog Birthday Party (w/ Free Printables)

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    That sounds like a fun party theme. My boys both have August birthdays and I think they are going to want a Minecraft party this year.

  2. Helene Cohen Bludman

    Really cute ideas! My kids would have loved a puppy theme for a birthday party.

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      That is awesome! My little boy is into characters. He had Mickey Mouse at his party last year. This year he wants to invite Santa Claus and one of his elves.

  3. Bonnie @ wemake7

    That is so awesome! It came out really great! I love how you did all that. I bet one of my kiddos would love a party like that.

  4. R U S S

    Belated happy birthday to your little angel. I’m sure she had a great time coz you did such a good job with the puppy dog themed birthday party. I like the names of the food that you served – so creative at the same time, cute!

  5. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    Aww I really love this theme for a little ones birthday. The toilet water water is just too funny! :)

  6. Rebecca Swenor

    Happy Birthday to Aybra.. This is an awesome birthday theme indeed and I love the dog tag printable. My kids used to have Power Rancher and Pokemon themes when they were younger. Thanks for sharing.

  7. breanna

    This is a wonderful birthday! I love all the tags and names of the treats. That is so clever and cute!

  8. Angela

    Oh my my niece would go crazy over this! It is so adorable! I would have never thought of any of this! I love your creative side, great job!!

  9. Chrystal @ YUM eating

    You have no idea how happy I am to see a non commercialized birthday party! I love this and I know kiddo would too. She wanted this past birthday to be a donation for the animal shelter and when I told her dad he thought I was fibbing. No, she wanted a puppy party!

  10. Ann Bacciaglia

    I will have to share this with my sister. She has two little dogs and there birthdays are coming up soon. I always had themed parties for my kids when they were little.

  11. Donna L. Ward

    Courtney – What a great idea! and I never thought about Pup corn (Cheese balls)
    Puppy Treats (Potato Sticks)
    Toilet Water (Blue Punch) for our puppy pals – I could see having a great time with this

  12. Jacqueline

    We throw my dogs birthday parties, but wow, you go all out! This is amazing!!! I love every little detail. We gave out treat bags last year to the dogs walking around for Halloween…yours are so cute!

  13. Roselynn

    I may be a little old for it, but I think I want to have my birthday party this summer be like this lol. As a huge dog fan, this is absolutely perfect and adorable.

  14. Lynndee

    My son’s birthday parties when he was younger always had a theme. It stopped when he turned 10 because we made it simpler.

  15. Cherri Megasko

    Oh my goodness – I LOVE your food names! (Especially the toilet water! LOL) By just looking at the pictures you can tell how much thoughtfulness and love went into her party.

  16. Babita

    She looks like she had a great time. I love all your doggy related printables especially the Doggy Bag one… that is really cute.

  17. Gabriel

    We do themed parties a lot also, this weekend is my daughter’s 11th and she’s chosen a nautical theme. It’s fun to see their interests change as they get older.

  18. Joanne T Ferguson

    I love themed parties and do many of them throughout the year! What a fun puppy dog party and great foods and items to tie into the party! Happy Birthday to your daughter and looks like she heaps enjoyed what you created!

  19. Tammileetips

    I love that you made her birthday party decorations like this!! The food names are super creative and cute for the party. Looks like everyone had a blast and she seems so happy with the results of the party!

  20. Nicci

    Cute printables! And I love the toilet water. What a clever idea! And the paw-sta in a doggy dish – I chuckled. It sounds like you know how to throw a good party. Thanks for the fabulous ideas, because we do have some birthdays coming up.

  21. Michelle Hwee

    This is just adorable!! I loved your ideas, they are just so creative!! I’d love some of that “Toilet Water” ;) haha. My cousin would definitely love this party! Great ideas!! Looked like fun!

  22. Krystal

    I am loving that snack table with the toilet water! My son is obsessed with puppies right now so this might be a great idea for his next birthday party. I know we could come up with some cute ideas for that table!

  23. Tiffany C.

    I LOVE the toilet water and the paw-sta. I am not very creative so I totally appreciate these already made tags and ideas. This would be so much fun to do!

  24. Yona Williams

    Happy Belated Birthday Aybra! As a dog lover, this birthday party theme is incredibly cute. I love all of the play on words for the rawhide sticks, toilet water, paw-sta, and the pup corn. The stuffed German Shepard puppy is a fabulous gift – I still love stuffed animal dogs at my age!

  25. Rally L.C.

    Courtney, you are such an inspiration and a great mom! You did an amazing job putting together everything and I bet Aybra had a lot of fun. I am a dog person, we have a 15 years old German Shepherd named Wolf that we absolutely love. We grew up together, Maybe Aybra will have a real one to play soon. ;)

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