4-H Bingo Cards (Download for FREE)

4-H Bingo Cards

I have posted before that Losh is the Recreation Leader for our 4-H club’s Junior/Senior members. This means that he is in charge of planning a game or activity for the kids during our monthly meetings. That also translates to *ME* planning a game/activity because If I left it up to him, he would chose the same exact thing every single time. I mean, there is nothing wrong with UNO, but I bet the kids would enjoy other things too! ;)

I’ve been wanting to do Bingo for a while now, but instead of just regular ole’ BINGO, I wanted to make a 4-H Bingo game. I chose some of the most common words that come up in our meetings and used them for my 4-H Bingo Cards. Keep in mind that the most common words used in your club may be different than mine.

The PDF contains 20 4-H bingo cards as well as the word list. Each card is 4×4 for a quicker game. I recommend printing two copies if you have a larger 4-H group, but keep in mind you may also have multiple winners. Beans or seeds make great markers!

Feel free to download them below:

4-H Bingo Cards - Download and Print these FREE 4-H Bingo Cards for your next club meeting(4-H BINGO)

When is the last time you played BINGO? 
My kids love it and we play regularly as part of our school work. It helps my little ones with fine motor skills (picking up the chips or beans) and number recognition.  

27 thoughts on “4-H Bingo Cards (Download for FREE)

  1. R U S S

    I think we all love Bingo – it’s a classic and timeless game that everyone loves. Doing this Bingo-inspired cards is a nice idea.

  2. Eileen

    Bingo is such a fun game. In the place where my mom resides, their community sponsors a Bingo Social a few days after Christmas. The people have so much fun! I sometimes go over there and participate. I wish I would win the pot money (Jackpot prize) this year.

  3. Kristi @ Homestead Wishing

    Love this. My boys love to play bingo. Sometimes I set them up at the dinner table with this while I cook dinner, and call out to the words while in the kitchen. It is a good way to keep them busy and quiet! Great learning activity!

  4. Elizabeth O.

    I love using bingo as a group activity for training people, you know sort of like a twist to the usual quiz. I haven’t played bingo in such a long time, though!

  5. maria s.

    This is very cool! I love to play bingo games with my kids and every once in a while I get together with the ladies for bingo and wine!

  6. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I’m not all that sure I know what a 4H club is or does, but bingo is always fun. All kids love this game.

  7. Carla

    Hahaha, you cracked me up – of course it’s always Moms whom help out with these projects. We love playing BINGO and this is perfect for us. Thanks!

  8. Michele

    It has got to be about 25-30 years since I went out to play BINGO. One of my friends Mom’s used to get me to go with her–I am not a big fan of Bingo!

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