McDonald’s Holiday Gift Guide – Fun ways to give McDonald’s

McDonald’s Holiday Gift Guide


I’m going to jump aboard the “Holiday Gift Guide” trend that seems to be going around the blogger world. But instead of the typical gift guides, I’m switching things up. I’m going to share with you some ways that you can give Mcdonald’s this holiday season.

Welcome to the McDonald’s Holiday Gift Guide!

McDonalds Holiday Gift Guide

    1. Take somebody on a lunch date
      Grab a friend or two, or even your mom and go have lunch. Not only will you get to enjoy their company, you will get to enjoy some delicious food too.


    1. Buy a meal for a homeless person
      We often take for granted the ease of obtaining a hot meal. Help those that are less fortunate and feed a hot meal to a person in need.


    1. Give a gift card
      I don’t know about you, but I love getting gift cards. Gift cards for food? Even better! Hint: Kids love receiving them in their stockings!


    1. Make a gift basket
      Include the following items in a gift basket*:
      McDonalds Holiday Gift Guide Ideas
      1. French Fry Addict Christmas Ornament
      2. Ronald McDonald House Charities Apron
      3. French Fry / Potato Shirt
      4. I Love McDonald’s Mug
      5. Hamburglar Tie
      6. I Love Nuggets Magnet


    1. Surprise somebody with Fries
      Who doesn’t love McDonald’s fries?! Surprise somebody with an order of fries for a late afternoon snack.


    1. Pay it Forward
      While in the drive-thru pay for the person behind you in line. You never know, it can make a person’s day.


    1. Volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House Charities
      Families who stay in the RMHC are often there during the holidays and appreciate any visits or meals provided to them. Hang out with them, or prepare a fun activity. They will enjoy the nice distractions.


    1. Donate Pop-Tabs
      Know somebody who collects pop tabs for RMHC? Donate your pop tabs to them.


    1. Bring coffee and cookies to work
      Co-workers will love you when you show up with McDonald’s boxed coffee and cookies.


  1. Play-Date at McDonald’s
    Do you remember how much fun it was going to the Play Place when you were younger? Grab your kids, and some of their friends, and head on over to McDonald’s for a play date.  The key is to take some of your kids’ friends with you. Their parents will love you.

Do you have any other ideas for the McDonald’s Holiday Gift Guide? 

Which idea is your favorite?

*Please note that these gifts are not produced or manufactured by McDonald’s. These are simply fan made gifts. McDonald’s is not affiliated with any of these products.

64 thoughts on “McDonald’s Holiday Gift Guide – Fun ways to give McDonald’s

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    McDonald’s gift cards are always welcome in our house. We love going there for special treats.

  2. Elizabeth O.

    I didn’t know there was a McDonald’s holiday gift guide, but now that I do, I think it’s really nice. Those will all be a hit!

  3. lisa

    These are all great ideas! I really like the pay it forward idea and buying a meal for a homeless person, but these are all great.

  4. Angela

    I love that you included gifting a meal to a homeless person. For the teenagers and young adults in my family, I like to put McDonald’s gift certificates in their stockings.

  5. Jody

    I love the idea of volunteering at Ronald McDonald House. Such a great charity. Buying a meal for a homeless person is also wonderful.

  6. Emily

    I never would have thought to look for mcdonalds gifts. I have heard that a lot of mornings people start ‘pay it forward’ chains at mcdonalds breakfast drive thru where one person pays for the person behind them and the chain keeps going.

  7. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I love the idea of buying a meal for a homeless person. I remember two Christmases ago, I packed a full dinner, fruit and a bottle of water and gave it to the homeless man who sleeps on the sidewalk. He did not say much, just looked at me straight in the eye with the most meaningful words – “Thank you. Merry Christmas.”

  8. Pam

    These are all great gift ideas and everyone can find something they love at McDonalds. Gift Cards are the best for giving and receiving.

  9. Crystal Lopez

    I had no idea some of the options existed. I love the idea of sharing a meal with a homeless person or just buying someone lunch. Those are both such amazing ways to give simply.

  10. Donna Ward

    I like the ideas in your lies of ‘Make a gift basket’ – and ‘Buy a meal for a homeless person’ – plus the McDonald House Charities – all fun and wonderful tips! Thx

  11. Chelsie

    What a cool approach to a gift guide! I would never have thought of gifting from MacDonald’s but now it’s totally going to be on the front of my mind!

  12. Rosey

    This is my first time doing a gift guide. I had a lot of sponsor requests last year, and when they began again this year, I just decided to go w/it. Love the idea of McDonald’s on a gift guide!!

  13. Yona Williams

    I’ve always wanted to do a Pay-It-Forward in a drive-thru – that is a cool idea for the holidays. I remember a woman paid for our movie tickets once….I think she felt sorry for us since I had JUST feel down 5 steps and landed on my kneecap. It instantly turned a gruesome shade of dark purple. It made me feel equally touched and embarrassed that she did it.

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      That was very sweet. My kids like to pay for people behind us in the drive-thru, especially when I am getting coffee. Sometimes it ends up me buying a $4 coffee and paying like three or four times as much for the people behind me, but it is worth it especially when it is my children’s idea.

  14. Shann Eva

    I love the idea of volunteering at a Ronald McDonald House. Many of my NICU family friends used their services, so it’d be nice to pay it back.

  15. CourtneyLynne

    Who wouldn’t want a mc Donald’s gift card?!?! I know mc Donald’s isn’t exactly healthy, but I’m yet to meet someone who would say no to a gift card!!!! There nuggets are the best!

  16. HilLesha

    I’ll admit that I seldom eat there since I’m a vegetarian, but only eat their fries when I do. I do know of a few people that would love these gifts, though!

  17. Melissa

    I have never seen McDonald’s merchandise before that is pretty cool. My cousin loves that place so I would have to get him the coffee mug, he would really dig it!

  18. No Ordinary Liz

    Thi is so cool, I had no idea that McDonald’s had this. I think all the ideas are wonderful and would bring holiday cheer this holiday season. Thanks for sharing your post with us!

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