2016 Goals and Word of the Year

2016 Goals and Word of the Year

Welcome to another year and me sharing my 2016 goals!!

Same me; new goals.

As usual, I am keeping my 2016 goals simple and focusing on things that I am already working on. Last year I had a similar strategy with goals that would be easy to achieve.. tho I did fail on completing all of them. This year’s goals are also easy to achieve, yet things that will benefit my life in some way.

Here we go!

2016 Goals and Word of the Year - by Life As A Convert

Bake pies and deliver to strangers.
This may be a totally selfish goal but it sounds very charitable, right? I want to learn how to make a good pie crust, but also not get fat in the process. This way, I can bake, and make other people fat. Win-Win!

Record 3 videos in public.
I vlog all the time in public, but making videos in public has been something that I have not done yet. For the longest time I have wanted to do some videos in public. I have a few ideas in mind, but nothing actually planned yet.

Read 30 books.
I set a goal last year to read 12 books and went way over my goal. This year I will be happy with 30.

Shoot more in Manual.
This is somewhat of a long-standing desire. I would like to get more familiar with my camera and learn how to shoot in manual. Learning how to edit would be the next thing.

Take a vacation.
Even if it is just a weekend away, we need a vacation! We didn’t leave the state at all last year. This year, we must remedy that. I want to take the kids to the beach.

Family Pictures!
This one was on my list last year, but I failed to make it happen. I am in desperate need of some updated family pictures. We usually take them in the Fall, so I guess that gives me plenty of time to plan.

Dinner Parties with FRIENDS.
I like hosting dinner parties. My dinner parties are normally just family though. I want to do more of that this year and include more friends.

Add Recipes to Document.
I have plans of putting my most used recipes in a recipe book. The first step is to put the recipes – single page format – into a document. I originally planned to do it from my cooking blog, and just turn my blog into a book, but realized I have a lot of blog posts that won’t look good enough or that I no longer use/like.

Learn to Play Piano.
Keyboard… Piano… Same thing, right? My oldest son, Kaia, recently acquired a keyboard and I am trying to learn it along with him. I know that “learn to play piano” is a very big goal, especially since I am finding that my fingers aren’t too coordinated, but with practice I hope to be able to play some Christmas tunes next year.

Complete 2015 Goals.
Seems fitting enough, right? I have some leftover goals/tasks that need to be done. The ones I have in mind are mostly blog related.

That’s about it folks.. Nothing drastic going on over here.

2016 Word of the Year

It took me until today to officially decide on my word.

I chose VALUE.

To value something is to notice it’s worth and to hold it dear to you. I want to value my relationship with God, my family and the time spent with them, my friends, strangers, my time, my finances, ME, my body, my mind, and….. You get the idea.

I don’t want to lose sight of what is important to me. And I want others to know what they meant to me.

I did a little search and found out that I am not the only one who chose value. Alexandra over at MOKUSKA chose Value too. How cool is that?!

What are some of your 2016 goals? 

Do you have a word for the year? 

38 thoughts on “2016 Goals and Word of the Year

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  2. Jeanette

    These are great goals. I have two goals so far this year, to take a vacation and get in shape. I am in the beginning stages of both and I hope to attain both these goals by summer.

  3. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I think that is nice that you want to make pies for other people. I made cookies for my neighbor this past Christmas and he was SO appreciative. It made me want to do it again one of these days.

  4. Liz Mays

    Ah, I may have to steal some of your goals. I really need to force myself to use manual mode on my DSLR. I think learning to play piano is an awesome goal!

  5. Megan Elford

    I’m with you on the vlogging in public idea – I’d love to have the guts to do it! I want to get to the point where I’m comfortable enough in front of the camera to talk to it in public too, and get some of the great stuff we do on film!

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      I find that when I am in public and vlogging, I tend to vlog my kids a lot more than I vlog myself.. I live in an area where I am probably the only vlogger around and people aren’t used to it. I have never gotten negative feedback from it though, so that helps.

  6. Janell Poulette

    That’s a great list. I want to read more books this year. I want to soak in as much information I can.

  7. Cara (@StylishGeek)

    Those are awesome goals you have this year! I remember one of my goals in 2014 was to learn how to play the piano and I was able to do that via taking a class at a local junior college once a week!

  8. Melissa

    Sounds like it is going to be a great year for you and your family. I don’t have a word but I do have some intentions like taking better care of myself and not worrying about being a people pleaser! I also want to travel!

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      It is interesting that you say that. I am just finishing up a book called The Surrender Experiment where the author lived his life basically saying “yes” to everybody and being a people pleaser. It turned out great for him, but I tend to get bitter and feel used.

  9. Amanda Ripsam

    My word I think would be transformation. My goals are to work on my apartment I have lived here 4 years almost and my husband and I have a lot of items we need to purge and make room for new blessings.

  10. Maggie Branch

    These are great goals! I think they’re 100% attainable and will round you out as an individual. Good luck!

  11. Crystal Lopez

    These are wonderful goals you have set to accomplish this year! I also have formulated a list to focus on things that I have let go and hope to stay on track with it as well!

  12. Marielle Altenor

    Your goals for this year are nice! I never got a professional family picture done. Would be nice to do one now that we have our little girl. I also would LOVE to learn how to take pictures in manual mode.

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      I take our family pictures myself. I find it is easier than having to schedule time. I just set my camera up on a tripod and use my remote.. The hardest part is finding a location and looking/dressing nice!

  13. Rebecca Swenor

    These are indeed great goals for the new year. I love the bake pies and deliver them to strangers is an amazing thing to do for the year. My main goal is to have faith in myself this year. Thanks for sharing your goals.

  14. Bonnie @wemake7

    I love your word of the year. Your list of goals are really great too. I think my word of the year for me would be faith.

  15. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Taking family pictures is one of the things I enjoy the most. I capture those moments to last for years and years to come! I love your word of the year too. I have to think of one for myself.

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      After posting this I found the 2016 PopSugar reading challenge. I’ve got a copy of the image saved to my computer and I am going to complete it. I think it will help me branch out some and give me more ideas of books to get. Today I picked up two books I wouldn’t have read otherwise.

  16. HilLesha

    I don’t have many goals for this year, but I do hope to get one of my blogs rebranded this year. I was meaning to last year, but so much happened!

  17. CourtneyLynne

    Ooooo sounds like you have some great goals picked for 2016!!! Hope you totally kick them all! Good luck in 2016 :)

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