Arkansas 4-H Record Books – Tips & FAQ

Arkansas 4-H Record Books

It’s that time of year. The first week of January is the due date for White County Arkansas 4-H Record Books to be turned in to the extension office. Now is the time when parents are frantically searching through their records of what their child did and scouring their social media for images related to their childrens’ projects. Talk about a stressful time! I gotta say, any sane parent would have kept track of this stuff in one simple place through the entire year.

I did that in 2015..

Or so I thought.

White County Arkansas 4-H Record Books Tips FAQ

As was recommended, I purchased a small pocket calendar and wrote down what I remembered as it happened. I also kept track in my daily life planner. Except I forgot to write down a lot. Not only was I missing information when filling our record books out, I realized that it is very difficult to go through every single page of a daily life planner to find information.

No way am I putting myself through that when 2016 Arkansas 4-H Record Books are due. Instead, I taped a piece of paper on the inside of my pantry door and I am keeping track of everything on that piece of paper. It’s easier than writing on a calendar, plus I can date the activities as they happen. It’s only January 8th and we already have 1 meeting attended, talks given, and a service project done! No wonder it is hard to keep track of an entire years worth of work.

I have noticed a trend every time Record Books are due.. There are tons of questions regarding how to fill them out and what information is needed. I have created this printable with some tips and frequently asked questions for filling our your Arkansas 4-H Record Books:

Arkansas 4-H Record Books - Tips and FAQArkansas 4-H Record Books – Tips and FAQ (PDF)

Arkansas 4-H Record Books Download:

If you need copies of the record books you can find them by following these links:
Arkansas Cloverbud 4-H Record Book
Arkansas Junior & Senior 4-H Record Book

If you were in 4-H what would your project be? 
I was not in 4-H when I was younger, but I think I would have chosen Arts and Humanities, or Citizenship. My kids are doing Animal Science, Technology, and Environmental Stewardship.


43 thoughts on “Arkansas 4-H Record Books – Tips & FAQ

  1. Michele

    I don’t think there are any 4-H clubs around where I live–at least not while I was growing up. We all were girl scouts or boy scouts and spent many many hours earning badges. I still remember my sash and all the pretty embroidered badges that I earned mostly in nature.

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Just reading about it made me understand how stressful it is. I am like you too, planner and all but forgetting to take notes of all those important things. Wishing you all the best this new year!

  3. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    We don’t have 4H clubs around here, so this is all new to me. Sounds like fun :)

  4. Pam

    My son was very active in 4H throughout high school. It could be hard to keep track of what all they were up to!

  5. Amanda Ripsam

    I have been interested in learning more about 4-h I’m always looking for something for my daughter to do and here near where I live is a 4-h but I didn’t know enough about it.

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      4-H is a great family friendly event. Unlike sports where only one of your children may be interested, or boy scouts, where only your boys can go, 4-H includes everybody and every interest. No exaggeration there. It isn’t just farm animals and country living. There are people doing robotics and consumer education and fashion revue.

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      I guess you could compare it to boy/girl scouts. It is a program for 5-19 year olds. 4-H’ers pick a project and work on it throughout the year and at the end of the year they report what they did. 4-H is big on community service and community oriented things. There is a bit of a “country” factor to 4-H, but there is a lot for “city” folks to do too.

  6. lisa

    I’ve never heard of 4H before but it sure sounds like a lot of work around this time! It sounds like something pretty neat to check out.

  7. Liz Mays

    I honestly didn’t realize there was so much recordkeeping involved with 4H. I guess that makes sense now that I think of it. I’m glad you pointed out these resources.

  8. CourtneyLynne

    These are some great tips!! Unfortunately I don’t think we have any 4-h clubs around here which is kind of shocking since I do live in the middle of no where NY!

  9. victoria

    Honestly i can’t understand this because we don’t have 4-h club here in our country, and it sounds great for many good reviews about 4-h

  10. Rebecca Swenor

    I wasn’t in 4 H but I had a couple of friends who were in it. They loved it and I do believe it is an amazing program for kids. This is a great printable for those have to do the record books for 4-H. Thanks for sharing the information.

  11. Chubskulit Rose

    I have no idea of this kind of program but it sounds great for kids. It can be a tough challenge for parents to track all of it but with proper planning, it can be done.

  12. Terri Beavers

    There aren’t any 4H clubs around here but I was in one when I was younger. I think it ‘s a great idea to tape your list on the inside of your pantry door. I do that with my favorite recipes, lol.

  13. ricci

    I was never in 4H but I was in FFA and I loved it! That’s a great idea for record keeping, I’m like you and would get lost trying to look back through a calendar to find every little thing. Writing it all down on one piece of paper is genius!!

  14. Kathy

    4H is wonderful! I wish I would have joined when I was younger. I’ll be talking to my girls to see if they’d like to join. I know some people that were in 4H and loved it!

  15. Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

    As a teen growing up in big city Tulsa, Oklahoma, my high school had a large 4H program and I remember how frantic some of my friends were. They often felt like they were scrambling too. Now those kids are all grown up doing 4H with their own kids. I’ll have to share this with them.

  16. April Mims

    Wow….that’s a lot of work to record all of that stuff. It’s definitely a good idea to keep track of it all year long and make it easy at the end of the year.

  17. Bonnie @wemake7

    Wow, that does sound pretty stressful. Sounds like being organized really helps. Thanks for sharing about this.

  18. Lisa Rios

    Almost 4H record books are pretty new for me, but has heard a lot about it from my friends. These are some great tips to note & I agree that being organized helps a lot indeed.

  19. Louise

    This is my first time to hear about this and I had to do some extra research to be able to understand what this is about. Well, this is a nice program and organizational tip for parents who has kids under the program. It’s actually nice to hear that there are programs such as this that exist in your country. I wish we have this kind here in the Philippines too so our youth could gain more knowledge, skills and reach their potential while on their development stages.

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