How to Grow your Instagram Followers

How to Grow your Instagram Followers

A question I am often asked is “How do I grow my Instagram followers?” – The answer is simple. It will require a little effort on your part, but nothing too complicated. Here are my best tips for how to grow your Instagram followers:

How to Grow your Instagram Followers

Define your NICHE. It’s ok to have a lifestyle Instagram feed. I do! But, feeds with a defined niche (think travel, food, yoga, etc) gain more followers. This is because people know what to expect. If you don’t have a defined niche, then try to keep your pictures related somehow.

Post CLEAR images. Instagram is all about photos. The better your photos, the better your chances of gaining followers. Avoid posting blurry pictures or pictures with poor lighting. Clear, bright, and colorful images get the most interaction.

Use relevant HASHTAGS. Posting a selfie of you in bed with the hashtag #food isn’t going to help you get followers. Use hashtags relevant to your picture. I find it works best if you use one or two of the most relevant hashtags in your caption and then put your other hashtags in the first comment. Take advantage of the limit and use at least 5-10 hashtags.

COMMENT on others photos.  “Liking” photos are important, but commenting is more personal. People often skim through the list of likes, but will take time to read the comments and who they are from. Comments show that you put effort into being a good friend/follower. Make yourself stick out by commenting. (Side-note: Make sure your comments are relevant and not considered “spammy”. Good comment: I’ve used that same curriculum. It worked well for us. Bad/Spammy Comment: Thanks for sharing!)

LIKE multiple pictures at a time. Pick a friend or pick a person that has used a hashtag relevant to your feed and like multiple pictures from that individual. Don’t forget to add a comment or two! Your name stands out when commenting and you may even get a shout-out for liking multiple pictures from an individual.

FOLLOW people with similar interests. You can find them by browsing hashtags or looking at who your followers are following.

INTERACT with those in your niche. Browse the hashtags that you use most frequently and interact with those people. Like and comment on their pictures. Ask questions to facilitate conversation.

AVOID posting too much or too many of the same image. It’s ok to post every day, but you don’t want to post 5-10 pictures in a row, especially when the pictures are similar. Keep similar pictures to a minimum of 2 and space them out.

LINK your Instagram account to other social media accounts. Whenever you post on Instagram, share it with the other social media accounts. This lets your followers on other platforms know that you are on Instagram.

That’s it. Sounds simple enough, right? I bet you are already doing the majority of these. Remember, the biggest key to growing your Instagram following is staying consistent!


Do you have any additional tips for how you grow your Instagram followers? 

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22 thoughts on “How to Grow your Instagram Followers

  1. Elizabeth O.

    Instagram is an awesome tool for branding. These are really effective tips if you want more followers. Tried and tested.

  2. Criz

    Great tips! I only started using instagram again when I started my blog last Oct. I was pretty much lost and now slowly getting the hang of it. Using the right hashtags and commenting on other’s pix really worked for me ;)

  3. Rosey

    My instagram doesn’t have a lot of followers. I do love that account though, it’s fun. I appreciate the tips.

  4. Eileen

    I love this post. I agree that the hashtags need to be relevant. I also agree with the comments as opposed to just liking others photos. And with relevant comments.

  5. CourtneyLynne

    These are so really helpful tips! I’m always telling people the more you like and comment, the more people will like and comment on your stuff. Some people are so hooked on the idea of being IG famous and people only like your stuff -_- not how it works 99% of the time lol

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