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How to Make a DIY Volcano that Erupts

How to Make a DIY Volcano that Erupts

While our homeschool style varies, one thing we do consistently is unit studies. We decide on a topic and then spend a week or more learning about that topic. Recently, we learned about volcanoes and wanted to share with you how to make a DIY volcano that erupts.

DIY Volcano - Create your own ERUPTING VOLCANO by Life as a Convert #science #stem

In an effort to make the volcano look as real as possible, we chose to build ours out of dirt. I simply used a circular baking pan and placed a bottle in the center. I covered the top of the bottle with aluminum foil so the dirt would not fall inside as we were shaping the volcano. We added a little bit of grass in order to mimic foliage.

DIY Volcano - Create your own ERUPTING VOLCANO by Life as a Convert #science #stem

Once we were ready to “erupt” our volcano, I simply poked a hole through the aluminum foil. Because we had everything we needed except baking soda the cost was minimal. I purchased two boxes of baking soda, but ended up only needing one. I had a gallon of vinegar and used about half of it. We created many eruptions using food color to dye the vinegar. I do recommend placing some newspapers around the area in order to catch any drips. We didn’t do this at first and got some dye on our table.

DIY Volcano - Create your own ERUPTING VOLCANO by Life as a Convert #science #stem

The kids mostly took turns making the volcano erupt (Losh didn’t want to). They liked seeing the different color combinations forming on the paper towels and seeing how big of an eruption they could get. We didn’t pour measured amounts of baking soda or vinegar, but found that the more vinegar we used (and the faster it was poured) the better eruption we got.

DIY Volcano - Create your own ERUPTING VOLCANO by Life as a Convert #science #stem

If you want to see the video we made, feel free to watch the following. I apologize for the endless clicking of the camera.. I’ve been learning how to shoot in manual mode and took approximately 1,000,000 pictures of the kids and volcano.

Have you ever built an erupting DIY Volcano? 

Dear Fat Girls Wearing Leggings

Dear Fat Girls Wearing Leggings…

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know what I am talking about. Leggings are a prominent fashion statement in our society right now. They have even been the topic of some well heated discussions. Everywhere you look, you see girls in leggings. Young girls. Older girls. Teen girls. Skinny girls. Girls wear leggings and they wear them everywhere.

Guess what?

Fat girls wear leggings too and this post is to them.

Who am I kidding.. this post is to me too. I am a fat girl who wears leggings.

Dear fat girls wearing leggings… 

Dear fat girls wearing leggings


Stop letting society tell you that you shouldn’t wear leggings
Stop feeling shamed for being fashionable
Stop thinking that you must be a certain size to dress how you want
Stop thinking you can only wear them in your house – Put those leggings on and go outside!
Stop letting others’ preferences dictate your decisions
Stop allowing hypocrites to have double standards
Stop letting society tell you that your leggings are too tight (Newsflash ALL leggings are tight!!)
Stop comparing yourself to somebody else in leggings
Stop letting others’ opinions about your curves define who you are
Stop responding to people’s negative rants about leggings
Stop letting a society that judges people based on their looks tell you your worth
Stop losing self confidence over people who need to gain tact

Most importantly, to all those fat girls wearing leggings: Keep on wearing them!
– please remember tho that nude colored leggings don’t look good on ANYBODY!!-


ACRTDC Trach Camp 2015


ACRTDC Trach Camp 2015 – The Finale

Another year for Trach Camp has come and gone. My children begin looking forward to it at the end of every session. They ask me regularly throughout the year “When is trach camp?”. They like going because they enjoy archery, fishing, arts and crafts, and spending time with some friends. Unfortunately, I think this may be our last year.

ACRTDC ACH Arkansas Children's Hospital 2015


What is ACRTDC?
ACRTDC stands for Arkansas Center for Respiratory Technology Dependent Children. Simply put, many years ago children on ventilators/with trachs didn’t leave the hospital. Not many lived to be adults. Now that technology has advanced and children are growing into adults with ventilators/trachs, there needed to be an “adult” place to care for them. Our children’s hospital has always been the one to care for these types of patients, but with ACRTDC there has been a transition to adult services provided at another local hospital. ACRTDC was somewhat started to help inform families what to expect during that transition.

Why will this be our last year?
Well, for one, Losh is no longer trached and has very little respiratory issues compared to in the beginning. Two, I feel like we are no longer getting anything out of it. And finally, I do not think he will need to transition into an adult level of care. Don’t get me wrong, the time spent with other families is reason enough to go, but I feel the whole purpose of going is to learn new information, and I feel like I haven’t come away with anything the past few years. It feels like very basic information is just being repeated.

I certainly don’t want to discourage anybody else from going, as this is just my experience. I think that other parents can get something out of it.

And with that… It’s been good! Hope we can stay in touch with the families we have met and gotten close to while attending these resource days.

Mom, you are old!

Can you believe that as we were walking through the store a few days ago Kaia told me that I was old?! I couldn’t believe it either! I am *not* old. In fact, I’m not even 30 yet. But, in the mind of a kid, the first signs of aging (ahem grey hair) means one is automatically old.

Does this face look old to you? I think not.. Thanks to Influenster, this face is wearing Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future caplet serum.

VitalityVoxBox from Influenster by LifeAsAConvert 3

Ok, I guess maybe if I have to wear an anti-aging serum, that I am getting old?

Say it isn’t so!

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