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Arkansas 4-H Record Books – Tips & FAQ

Arkansas 4-H Record Books

It’s that time of year. The first week of January is the due date for White County Arkansas 4-H Record Books to be turned in to the extension office. Now is the time when parents are frantically searching through their records of what their child did and scouring their social media for images related to their childrens’ projects. Talk about a stressful time! I gotta say, any sane parent would have kept track of this stuff in one simple place through the entire year.

I did that in 2015..

Or so I thought.

White County Arkansas 4-H Record Books Tips FAQ

As was recommended, I purchased a small pocket calendar and wrote down what I remembered as it happened. I also kept track in my daily life planner. Except I forgot to write down a lot. Not only was I missing information when filling our record books out, I realized that it is very difficult to go through every single page of a daily life planner to find information.

No way am I putting myself through that when 2016 Arkansas 4-H Record Books are due. Instead, I taped a piece of paper on the inside of my pantry door and I am keeping track of everything on that piece of paper. It’s easier than writing on a calendar, plus I can date the activities as they happen. It’s only January 8th and we already have 1 meeting attended, talks given, and a service project done! No wonder it is hard to keep track of an entire years worth of work.

I have noticed a trend every time Record Books are due.. There are tons of questions regarding how to fill them out and what information is needed. I have created this printable with some tips and frequently asked questions for filling our your Arkansas 4-H Record Books:

Arkansas 4-H Record Books - Tips and FAQArkansas 4-H Record Books – Tips and FAQ (PDF)

Arkansas 4-H Record Books Download:

If you need copies of the record books you can find them by following these links:
Arkansas Cloverbud 4-H Record Book
Arkansas Junior & Senior 4-H Record Book

If you were in 4-H what would your project be? 
I was not in 4-H when I was younger, but I think I would have chosen Arts and Humanities, or Citizenship. My kids are doing Animal Science, Technology, and Environmental Stewardship.


A Small Way to Give Big – Pop Tabs!


What would you say if I told you that by simply saving your pop tabs you could help a family stay with their sick child near the hospital?

It’s true! 

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkansas accepts donations of pop tabs, recycles them for money, and then puts that money back into the Ronald McDonald House. Every year they host Pop Tab Pandemonium in which schools compete to become the winner and claim the trophy. It is during this time that they receive the most donations, but you can donate anytime!

Ronald McDonald House Charities Pop Tab Donations - Little Rock Arkansas

I spoke with Ernie, who plays a major role in dealing with the pop tabs received and he was able to answer some of my questions and give me a little more information on the pop tabs received.

During Pop Tab Pandemonium RMHC receives an average of 8,000 to 10,000 pounds of pop tabs. Each school that participates brings an average of 100 pounds of pop tabs to the event. In other months, RMHC averages 600-800 pounds of tabs per month.

Despite what some popular rumors may say, RMHC is not given special treatment during recycling and the pop tabs are not used in exchange for treatment. RMHC is given the going recycling rate which is usually around 40 cents per pound. Based on the averages above, this means that the local communities are donating approximately $3,500 during Pop Tab Pandemonium and approximately $280 every month.

My son, Losh, recently held his own Pop Tab drive for RMHC and collected a bag and a house* full of tabs from friends and family in our small community.

pop tabs for ronald mcdonald house charities rmhc

A few interesting tidbits about RMHC and donating Pop Tabs:

  • They collect only the pop tabs because the cans are messy and take up more space.
  • They prefer donations in containers that are easy to empty inside a large plastic bag.
  • Anybody can collect and donate pop tabs.
  • If you drop off your tabs personally, you can get a tour of the Ronald McDonald House.

You can drop off your donations any day between 8am and 10pm at the Ronald McDonald House in Little Rock. Their address is 1009 Wolfe St, Little Rock.
*Call 501-374-1956 and ask for a cardboard house to hold your pop tabs.

Do you recycle pop tabs or soda cans?

Where does your food come from? Farm2Home15

Where does your food come from? Farm2Home15

In the Fall, I had the chance to visit P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm and learn about a great college savings plan. I was recently invited back, but this time we were going in a different direction. The theme was “Farm 2 Home“. This included farmers, ranchers, and crafters, all growing, making, and selling their products right here in Arkansas. As a group of bloggers, we were deemed fit to help get the word out about Arkansas Made and Arkansas Grown products. Because eating healthy and locally is important to me, I was excited to see what Arkansas farmers were doing to help get their products into market here.

I know that all of you reading do not live in Arkansas, in fact the majority don’t, but this two part post still applies to you, so please don’t leave yet ;)
Farm2Home15 - Moss Mountain Farm - LifeAsAConvert - ARMADE ARGROWN 9a

When we entered, we were greeted with a mini Farmer’s Market:

Farm2Home15 - Moss Mountain Farm - LifeAsAConvert - ARMADE ARGROWNFarm2Home15

The sad thing about this Farmer’s Market is that it is about the size of the one for my area. Another sad thing is that I am totally jealous Allen’s property is large enough for it’s own mini Farmer’s Market. There was a good mix of everything from farmers, ranchers, makers, and even some music. We were able to taste, and take home some samples from most of the vendors. I did not dislike anything I tried. The best thing was that it was all grown and made right here in Arkansas!

Farm2Home15 - Moss Mountain Farm - LifeAsAConvert - ARMADE ARGROWN 17 Farm2Home15 - Moss Mountain Farm - LifeAsAConvert - ARMADE ARGROWN 19Farm2Home15 - Moss Mountain Farm - LifeAsAConvert - ARMADE ARGROWN 18Arkansas Grown

After we had a chance to visit with the different vendors, we got to work on the reason we were there: educating ourselves so that we may educate the community.  There was a panel of Arkansas Made members and one from Arkansas Grown. Each had unique ideas presented. I do want to discuss further what was talked about, but I will be doing that in part two of this post.

In between sessions, we toured his gorgeous home, but I will not be posting those images on the blog this time. The inside looks very similar to how it did last time. You can click here to see some of the inside. I did take some vlog footage and will edit this post to add that as soon as I get it uploaded.

Me and Allen outside his home:
Farm2Home15 - Moss Mountain Farm - LifeAsAConvert - ARMADE ARGROWN 11

The outside definitely changed since the Fall. If you follow Allen on instagram, then you will be able to see the farm as it changes through the seasons.  I must say, that even in death, there is still beauty on the farm.

Farm2Home15 - Moss Mountain Farm - LifeAsAConvert - ARMADE ARGROWN 12

I adored the pumpkin decorations from the Fall, and equally enjoyed the Patriotic cabbage table decorations. It looks pretty simple to recreate.. (hollow out a cabbage, place a glass inside and fill with pretty flowers, foliage, and flags). Some of the other bloggers took better shots of this. Check out the #Farm2Home15  hashtag on instagram.


Farm2Home15 - Moss Mountain Farm - LifeAsAConvert - ARMADE ARGROWN 13
A large part of the farm is dedicated to raising Heritage Chickens/Poultry. Allen was a former member of 4-H and if I recall correctly, his project had something to do with chickens.  (He even has a 4H board on Pinterest!) While there, we stepped inside his Chicken Mansion and discussed ways to help these Heritage breeds survive. HINT: If you are a 4H’er, or show Poultry at the Fair, look into a Heritage breed! This one is a Brahma:

Farm2Home15 - Moss Mountain Farm - LifeAsAConvert - ARMADE ARGROWN 14

Now that I have shown you what my day looked like, I hope you will stay tuned for the next post to see what all we learned and how YOU can help get your local farmer’s products into circulation in your own area, whether you are from Arkansas or another state.

If you raised your own meat, what would you raise? 

Who sort of produce would you grow? 

What natural products would you make?