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4-H Bingo Cards (Download for FREE)

4-H Bingo Cards

I have posted before that Losh is the Recreation Leader for our 4-H club’s Junior/Senior members. This means that he is in charge of planning a game or activity for the kids during our monthly meetings. That also translates to *ME* planning a game/activity because If I left it up to him, he would chose the same exact thing every single time. I mean, there is nothing wrong with UNO, but I bet the kids would enjoy other things too! ;)

I’ve been wanting to do Bingo for a while now, but instead of just regular ole’ BINGO, I wanted to make a 4-H Bingo game. I chose some of the most common words that come up in our meetings and used them for my 4-H Bingo Cards. Keep in mind that the most common words used in your club may be different than mine.

The PDF contains 20 4-H bingo cards as well as the word list. Each card is 4×4 for a quicker game. I recommend printing two copies if you have a larger 4-H group, but keep in mind you may also have multiple winners. Beans or seeds make great markers!

Feel free to download them below:

4-H Bingo Cards - Download and Print these FREE 4-H Bingo Cards for your next club meeting(4-H BINGO)

When is the last time you played BINGO? 
My kids love it and we play regularly as part of our school work. It helps my little ones with fine motor skills (picking up the chips or beans) and number recognition.  

4-h Recreation Leader Activities

4-H Recreation Leader Activities

When the new 4-H year started, Aloshua kinda, sorta, somehow got elected as our club’s 4-H recreation leader. This kid loves games and loves bossing people around when playing games, so this office was perfect for him. I have been keeping a list of 4-H activities that he has done, as well as other ideas that are on our agenda. Take a look at some of our 4-H recreation leader activities below:



4-H Recreation Leader Activities Games and Ideas


Musical Squares – This one is played outside. Use sidewalk chalk and and draw 4 large squares. Number each square 1-4. Begin playing music or singing 4-H songs. When the song stops, so does everybody. Chose a number 1-4 and whoever is not standing on that number is out. Continue until you have a winner.

Seed spitting – See who can spit a seed (watermelon, pumpkin, sunflower, etc) the farthest. Divide the club into two groups. Use small cups or buckets and see which group can spit the most seeds into the bucket in an allotted time.

Balloons – One of our first activities used balloons. We combined one with seed spitting. Without telling the members what will happen next, have them spit a seed. After they spit their seed, have them place an uninflected balloon where theirs landed. Have everybody line up, then on your command run to their balloon, inflate it and tie it, then run back to the starting area and pop it. The first person to pop their balloon wins. You can also partner them off and have them race while holding a balloon in different ways. Alternatively, you can use buckets and water balloons, split the group into teams and see who can make the most balloons in the buckets.

Eggs/Apples –  Egg toss! Keep in mind that this one could get messy, so you might want to prepare with some trash bags that the children can wear over their clothes. Toss an egg back and forth without breaking it. Increase the distance between your partner until somebody wins. Alternatively, you can do the spoon race, where you have to hold an egg on a spoon and race to a certain destination. For a less messy version, balance apples on your heads and have a race to see who can reach a destination first without dropping their apple.

Cat & Mouse – One person is the cat, the rest are mice. This game is played like tag. If the cat catches a mouse, that mouse is out. Last mouse standing wins

Card writing – During Christmas, or prior to Valentine’s day, bring cards and let the children fill them out. You can chose to donate your completed cards to an organization that might need them, or let the children fill them out for family and friends.

Snack making – Gather up small bags and trail mix type foods. Create little goodie bags to be given to a shelter.

Decorate cookies – Bring pre made sugar cookies, icing, and sprinkles and let the children decorate cookies.

Water bottle bowling – For this one, you will need a couple pair of old pantyhose, tennis balls, and water bottles filled with water. Line the water bottles up to form two lines. Then, place one tennis ball into two pair of pantyhose (Let it go down to the feet part). Then the other end is worn around the head. This should create a pendulum type object. Use it to knock over the water bottles without using your hands. Whoever knocks over all of theirs first wins.

Crafts – A lot of times you can find pre made craft kits at a local store. Stock up on these, or search pinterest for easy crafts using things you have around your house. I don’t recommend crafts dealing with paint, glitter, or other messy substances.  Examples would be snowmen in the winter, 4 leaf clovers around St Patricks day, etc. http://www.happinessishomemade.net/2014/03/11/st-patricks-day-kids-craft-mosaic-paper-shamrocks/ Use the upcoming holidays as a guide.
While my son leads the Jr/Sr 4-H members, I’ve found that these activities can be adapted to any age. We are having our Valentine’s meeting today and will be exchanging cards. Last year we all brought a bag to place the cards inside, but this year we are going to be decorating bags white lunch bags for our activities.

If you have your own ideas for 4-H recreation leader activities, or would like me to include additional ideas let me know if the comments below.

Activity Day Girls Lesson Idea – Communication

I was called to be an Activity Day Girls leader a few months ago. It had been on my heart that I needed a calling, but I didn’t want to do Young Women – it terrifies me – and I had already been in Primary – didn’t think I would be going back there – so, without an idea of my own, I said nothing at all to my Bishop (what kind of crazy person ASKS for a calling anyway?). When I received the “Bishop needs to talk with you” message, I halfway knew what was coming. I didn’t expect to be called to Activity Day Girls though. Frankly, I had no clue what they even did.

But, not one to turn down a calling, I said yes – and then went home and turned to Google. I realized that I had to teach young girls Gospel principles but also include some sort of activity. Seemed daunting. Thank God for Pinterest and SugarDoodle!

LDS Activity Day Girls Lesson Idea by LifeAsAConvert

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Welcome Summer!

Summer beach writing

Some of my favorite Summer memories – ok, maybe most of them – involve being outside. Some kids these days just don’t want to be outside. Here are some of my tips to get kids outside.

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