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Random Roundup Part 2 – Have you Ever?

Welcome to another edition of Random Roundup. Last time I discussed random things that just didn’t fill a blog post by themselves. This week? The same thing. Let’s get to it:

  • Have you ever noticed how spam comments are versus real comments?
  • Spam: You have the

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A little boy took a big step

As long as I can remember Losh has always been “spiritual”. He has something about him that I’ve never really seen in anybody else; so pure compared to most. So, when he wanted to get baptized I was a little hesitant. After all, baptism is for the remission of sins, and this little guy had no sins. Of course he has made a few transgressions, but sins are an entirely different matter. When our home teacher and missionaries started asking about his baptism, I knew it was time.

Losh with Elder Hanover and  Elder Daley

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How to make a convert feel welcome

When I converted to the church in 2008, I felt so welcome. Everybody went above and beyond to be friendly to me. I felt overwhelmed with how nice the members were. I was reading the Ensign a few nights ago and came across a part mentioning converts and to be nice to them. I started reflecting on my experience joining the church and how nice everybody was to me. I’ve seen some other people mention that it happened the same for them; the members were all very pleasant. I am glad that is the case for some, but I’ve also noticed

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My talk on the Holy Ghost

When the Elders were asking Kaia who he wanted to give the talks I was secretly hoping that he wouldn’t pick me, but as you can see he did.. I was also hoping he would pick me for the talk on Baptism, but that didn’t happen either. I was picked – so lovingly – to give a talk on the Holy Ghost. My hesitation departed quickly when I realized what Kaia has chosen me to do. The entire time he was talking with the Elders, the most exciting part for him was

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