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New posting schedules!

New posting schedules:

Hey guys and gals. I just wanted to make a quick announcement about some things. As you know, I’ve been working hard on cleaning up my brand, defining my niche, and becoming more organized. I have decided on new posting schedules to help with this.

Brand new posting schedules for blog and youtube channel

I will be posting every Monday and Friday here on the blog. While my topics will mostly stick to the defined niche, I will be posting in my other categories as well. To accommodate all of those, I will not be doing a specific topic on specific days. (I never really did that anyway!).

My youtube channel has also gone through a makeover, with a focus on homeschooling. I am posting on Monday (homeschool), Wednesday (homeschool), Friday (anything goes including tags, challenges, hauls, etc), and Sunday (our weekly vlog). Check us out on YouTube at Life As A Convert TV. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any videos. If you have any video ideas of things you would like to see, feel free to let me know. I will be posting some videos here that will not be available on youtube. You can subscribe to my RSS feed using the buttons on the right.

In a bid to keep my branding the same across all social media platforms, I have decided to stick with the “Faith, Homeschooling, and Special Needs” categories as my main focus areas.

I have already put these new posting schedules to use on youtube. The blog will begin today. Expect my next post to be here waiting for you Friday morning.

And finally, I wanted to take this little bit of space left and say thank you to all of you that read and follow along, especially those that have been here for a long time. I truly appreciate each and every one of you and I appreciate each and every comment. I do read them all. I don’t always have time to reply to them all, but they are appreciated.

6 Blog Tips you need to know

6 blog tips you need to know:

These blogs tips are meant to help you become a better blogger. I fully believe that they apply to every blogger, no matter your readership size.

Six blog tips you need to know

Write inside your blog editor so you don’t lose drafts
– I learned this one the hard way. I would draft my posts inside windows live writer. When my PC crashed, I lost all of those drafts. Now, I am writing all of my drafts directly inside the blog editor.

Use images… BIG ones
– When I began blogging I made my images really small. Overtime I learned the bigger the better. Bigger images are more easily noticed, and better shared on social media.

Post share buttons on each post
– I still see so many blogs with no way to share their content. One of my biggest blog tips I share with other people is to make sure your content is sharable! While it isn’t hard to log into your social media and share, it is often inconvenient. Make sure you have social media share buttons on each post!

Turn comments on
– Turn comments on for each post. Allow your readers to engage with you. Be sure you engage with them as well. Reply to comments. You may not be able to reply to every one, but your readers will notice your efforts.

Make your email visible, or have a contact form
– So many times I have gone to email a blogger and their information wasn’t available. If you don’t want to post an email address, then create a contact form. Just have some way that your readers (or companies) can contact you.

Optimize for search engines
– Pay attention to search terms that lead people to your website.. Occasionally check those posts where they landed and make sure the SEO is fine. Find, and use an SEO plugin. Update your SEO if needed.

If you looked back at my blog over the years, you can see how I have learned along the way. I wish I had known these blog tips when I first began blogging.

Do you have any blog tips to share?

1 year Blogiversary

One year Blogiversary

I know “blogiverary” isn’t really a word, but for the sake of this post, we will go with it.

Did you know yesterday was my one year Blogiversary?

I know, you may be thinking “But Courtney, haven’t you been blogging for years?” And the answer would be yes.. But today marked one year for me being a big girl blogger. One year ago today I finally pulled the big girl panties on and registered my own domain. *clap clap clap*.

I could do a look back on the last year, but considering I just did that, I will just give you some random facts about me. Since I have been blogging for 365 days now, I will give you 365. Just kidding.. I’ll give you 12 for the past 12 months.

1. I am NOT 30.. yet.
2. I am awesome; my kids tell me every day.
3. I am actually quite hungry while typing this post and want to make taco soup. Must.Type.Faster.
4. I had more nasty comments when I began blogging than I do now. Thankfully the haters moved on
5. I should probably buy a new bottle of hair dye soon. My greats are showing.. I typed grey, but autocorrect changed it to greats..and considering #2, I am leaving it.
6. I am always amazed when people that I don’t know watch my youtube videos and comment on them. I may force my family to view some, but having people that WANT to view them is humbling.
7. I tend to underestimate my abilities sometimes and that stops me from doing things I would otherwise be great at.
8. Flat White.. Haven’t tried it. Want to. I see a Blogiversary present to myself in the future.
9. I am envious of people who can make friends easily
10. I have a strong desire to read a good book, but none on my Kindle App are jumping out at me.
11. My house is a wreck right now, but you know.. Blogiversary!!
12. Sometimes I pray two times in a row because I think of things to pray for as soon as I stop.

And there you go.. 12.. I probably could have done 365, but Taco Soup!

How long have you been blogging?
I actually began this blog in 2008.

Blessing in Disguise – Choosing to see the positive

Blessing in Disguise

Y’all will just have to bear with me because this post is somewhat all over the place. Right after Christmas, and just after I had uploaded all of my Christmas pictures and videos to my computer it crashed. It wasn’t just a fender bender. It was an “eject all passengers” type of crash.

Blessing in Disguise

I had been having problems for a few months prior and had gotten pretty good about backing everything up – everything except December’s work. That included notes, 4-H record books, vlogs, blog drafts, and ALL of my Christmas/December pictures. I spent HOURS working on those 4-H record books. I was most upset about losing those. (Thankful that I had already blogged the children’s Christmas pictures). I had the record books about 90% ready. The only thing lacking was a short story about the kid’s time in 4-H and their pictures.


Luckily, I had another version backed up online. It wasn’t as detailed or formatted as pretty, but this is the first year we will be turning them in, and that small blessing in disguise of having one partly prepared and backed up saved me some sanity. At least I didn’t have to start all over!

Blessing in Disguise #2

Then, one of my friends purchased a new computer and was kind enough to give me his old one; another blessing in disguise. It is a Mac, and I have never used a Mac before. I literally had to Google “How to click” and since then I have googled about 1,000,000 other “How to ____ on a Mac” questions. Thank God for Google!

I have been wanting a Mac because of iMovie. Windows Movie Maker just doesn’t have the same capabilities as iMovie does. I wasn’t able to purchase one for myself though, and I am super thankful for my friend for the new-to-me computer.

Blessing #3

While my computer was down I had the chance to work on some other things, like my Curriculum Planner. I have been using a three ring binder with plastic sleeve protectors, but it was quite annoying having to remove each paper every time I needed it, and then replace it. My weekly schedule of tasks was inside a composition book. It just wasn’t a very productive option. I watched countless youtube videos and came up with my own Curriculum Planner. You can see the video by clicking here: My 2015 Homeschool Planner for 3 children. I will be posting a blog about it a little later this week with links to all of the sheets that I used. I haven’t got to put it to use yet (we start back on the 6th), but having the time to sit down and do this AND fill it out, without computer distractions was a blessing in disguise.

Blessing #4

And finally, starting a new computer system in the New Year, has allowed me to try out a few new things that I have been slacking on trying: like Evernote! I am a really big fan of being able to sync my notes and have them available across all platforms. This means if I lose another HDD, I won’t lose all of the countless notes I have! I also won’t have to email things to myself or put them on a flash drive from one computer and move them to another.

“From short lists to lengthy research, no matter what form your writing takes, Evernote keeps you focused on moving those ideas from inspiration to completion.”

I was intrigued that they marketed this as helping you keep focus on moving an idea to completion. There are so many times I have ideas for things, write them down, but then don’t complete them.

I would say losing my computer has definitely been a blessing in disguise all around.

Here is to a New Year bringing many new blessings!