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Shelter Pet Squad Jelly Bean


Not allowed to have pets in her apartment, a young girl, Suzannah, volunteers at an animal shelter to get her animal fix. Her job is to make treats for the animals and play with them. Suzannah notices that Jelly Bean, a guinea pig, who was turned over to the animal shelter by his family, is having a hard time finding a new family. She makes it her mission to find him a new home. Will she succeed? Will somebody want a guinea pig as a pet?

Shelter Squad Book Review by LifeAsAConvert 

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Princess Pink and the Land of Fake-Believe: Little Red Quacking Hood

Have you ever heard of Fake-Believe? It is the land where unbelievable things happen to fairy tale characters.  Little Red Quacking Hood is the second book in this fake believe adventure series following Princess Pink.

Little Red Quacking Hood - Book Review by LifeAsAConvert


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Saturday Reading..

With school starting up, we have been extra busy reading books. Not only are we reading for learning purposes, but for fun too! Here are some of our most recent fun reads and my reviews to accompany them:

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Christmas in July?!

Every December 24th millions of children eagerly await a visit from a large, bearded man in a red suit. But where did Santa come from and how did he evolve into today’s Jolly Old Saint Nick?


The Story of Santa Claus - book review by LifeAsAConvert.com


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