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DIY Stuffed Animal Holder

Stuffed Animal Holder

With Christmas came some new additions to the stuffed animal hoard that lives in the little kids’ beds. Try as I might, they would not part with any stuffed animals prior to Christmas. Their beds happened to be their choice of stuffed animal storage and quite frankly were overflowing before Christmas. Any sane parent would have refused to buy more stuffed animals for Christmas, but that is the only thing my daughter asked for, and who am I to refuse her the one thing she wanted.

I knew that we either had to find a stuffed animal holder or find a way to make one. I was pretty sure I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a corner hammock, so I searched Pinterest and Google Images for a suitable solution and after a few minutes knew exactly what I wanted to do.

DIY Stuffed Animal Holder - Stuffed Animal Storage by Life as a Convert

I didn’t really read the instructions before jumping in and my first attempt ended up coming undone. The tulle slipped through the ribbon and the stuffed animal holder loosened to the point where it was no longer functional. I had a simple fix in mind and it worked perfectly.

Materials Needed:
2.5 yards of Tulle (2 would work too)
Command Hooks

Supplies for DIY Stuffed Animal Holder by Life as a Convert

Fold the tulle width wise and then in half length wise. Using the ends as guides, tie a strip of ribbon about 1/4 of the way up from each end. Sew the ribbon into place using needle and thread. This will keep it from slipping out of the ribbon like my first attempt did. Then, attach the command strips and hang the stuffed animal holder onto the command hooks with the ribbon.

DIY Stuffed Animal Holder using Tulle by Life as a Convert

To keep their toys close to their beds, I chose to hang them over their beds. My son has a blue one and my daughter has purple. My son has put far more than just stuffed animals inside his stuffed animal holder and it is still holding up. As you can see, my daughter likes to take hers out and play with them.

 DIY Stuffed Animal Holder - Stuffed Animal Storage by Life as a Convert(Sorry for the phone quality images)

My kids love their new stuffed animal holder – but still insist on piling their beds full of stuffies. i love how easy (and inexpensive!!) it was. For all the supplies I spent around $15 which was at least $5 less than the most common corner hammock and I made two for that price!

Do your children own a lot of stuffed animals?

How have you tackled stuffed animal storage? 

IDO3D Writing Pen – Create cool 3D Art

IDO3D Writing Pen – Create cool 3D Art

Have you ever been so involved in something that you blocked out everything else going on around you? Today that happened to us. We were so anxious to open this IDO3D writing pen 3D art kit from IDO3D, who is so graciously sponsoring this post, that we didn’t even realize the teapot in the background was on fire. Go check out my Facebook Page. I added a picture. 

IDO3D WRITING PEN REVIEW - Create cool 3D Art - Gifts for Kids

Kaia excited to receive IDo3D Writing Pen

Kaia with the IDO3D writing pen kit. If you look closely, you can see the teapot on fire in the background..

What is IDO3D?

Have you heard about those websites that will turn your artwork into a stuffed animal? IDO3D is an easy craft for kids that is similar. The best part is that instead of waiting weeks for your creation to arrive, you can now create your own 3d art right at home. The kit contains everything you need to create 25 pieces of art.

Included in the kit:
2 green inks
2 red inks
1 yellow ink
1 tracing book
1 tracing sheet
1 dome tracing sheet
1 oval tracing sheet
1 curing light

Contents inside IDo3D Writing Pen Box

How does the IDO3D writing pen work?

It’s very simple. You just put the plastic sheet over whatever design you want to use. We chose the simplest one: glasses. Also, who doesn’t want to create their own 3D glasses? I recommend taping the plastic sheet into place so it doesn’t slide around during drawing. Then, you just trace over the lines using the IDO3d writing pens. The tips can be adjusted for a thicker or thinner line.

Tracing Glasses using IDO3D Writing Pen

Once you have traced the shape, you then use the light to help cure the ink. I am not entirely sure how this light works, but somehow it does! If the ink is just left to dry on it’s own, then it takes a while. Using the light speeds it up significantly. Kaia was doing little experiments during the craft to see how quickly he could make it dry. He figured out that just holding the light on there for 5 seconds was enough to harden the section where the light was. Amazing, right? The kit recommends at least 30 seconds drying time with the light. If it needs additional time, you can place it in a sunny area. Also, you can use the light underneath the plastic sheet to help cure any ink on the bottom.

Losh writing with IDo3D Writing Pen

After your main pieces are cured, you assemble them using a bit of the ink. As the instructions state, the finished product depends on how skilled your artist is. For the glasses, three of us each took a turn. Kaia traced the frames. I traced one of the arms and Losh took the other. My arm turned out quite a bit neater than the one Losh did. Our finished product looks a little messy, but I imagine if only one person is doing it, then it will look a lot more uniform.

Glasses made from IDo3D Writing Pen (Red and Green)

Glasses made from IDO3D Writing Pen by LifeAsAConvert

Besides taping the tracing sheet into place, I also recommend making sure your IDO3D writing pens are stored between 60 – 80 degrees fahrenheit or 15  – 27 degrees celsius. It really makes a difference in how well the ink comes out. Storing them upside down (so the ink runs toward the tip) might also be a good idea.

What we learned:

Aybra writing with IDo3D Writing Pen

We quickly learned that 1 plastic tracing sheet wasn’t enough. We were able to use wax paper as a tracing sheet. It’s a big more fragile than the tracing sheet, but great if you have more than one kid who wants to draw at the same time.

If you want to use multiple inks on a piece, dry the first ink before applying the second.

You can use scissors or a sharp knife to remove any stray pieces from the project.

Monkey made from IDo3D Writing Pen by LifeAsAConvert

Despite what some previous reviewers said, this product was not messy or smelly at all. The excess ink easily washed away from the tracing sheet with some warm water and dish washing liquid. I also ran warm water through the tips so I could store the cap on the pens to avoid any possible spills.

If you are looking for some experiments for kids, you should give this product a try. Perhaps you can figure out what makes the light so magical. If you are a blogger, consider adding the IDO3D writing pen to your Christmas gift guide.

Overall, I would give this 4.5 stars out of 5. The only changes I would make is to include a bigger light and additional tracing sheets.

What color would you make your glasses?
Are you artistically creative?
      I’m not and even I could create these designs. 

Kaia’s MONEY Themed Birthday Party


My kids usually start discussing and deciding themes months in advance of their birthdays. Kaia is different.. He tosses out ideas, but never really settles on one. He told me many times that he wanted a money party, where everybody brought him money instead of presents. So, when it came closer to his birthday and he was still undecided on a theme, I went with the Money Themed Birthday Party Idea. I gotta say, I think it is as great as Losh’s Christmas Birthday Party.

Money Themed Birthday Party blog

I planned on giving him $100 for his birthday, so I had the bank give me $1 bills and I made a money tree. Using some branches from one of our overgrown bushes, I stapled the money on the leaves. I wasn’t sure how it would hold up, but it actually held up great. I tried getting some pictures of it outside, but the humidity kept fogging my camera lens up! I put the branches into a vase and it became the main decoration for this money themed birthday party.

Money Themed Birthday Party 2

To go along with the money tree, I used dollar bills as decorations. I even found a website that let me put his face onto a dollar bill. I printed those out and scattered them across the table too. In the picture with the cake, you can barely see that I also printed and cut out dollar sign decorations. These were just simple black and white circles with dollar signs on them. If you want to do a money themed birthday party, I am sure you could find some simple dollar sign images on google image.

Money Themed Birthday Party Decorations

On the way to pick up a cake from the bakery, he decided that he wanted us to just make it instead. He wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles. Grandpa was in charge of making it because he makes the best cakes – Seriously, I suck at cakes.

Money Themed Birthday Party Cake

11 big ones!

Money Themed Birthday Party Candles

He asked me about a million times if he could keep all of the money decorations. He was pretty excited when he found out that indeed he could and that it was his present. My mom and grandma knew about the theme ahead of time, so they even scattered their money to him across the table. He really wants to buy games with it, but I am insisting that he saves up for a better computer first.

And what is a party, without some photo booth fun?

Photo Booth Fun at Money Birthday Party


I know parents always say this, but I can’t believe he is growing up so fast. Before I know it, he will be driving!

What is the most unique birthday party theme you have ever heard? 

If you could have any party theme, what would it be?