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AR529 – A College Savings Plan

My time spent at P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm wasn’t all fun and games – though both fun and games occurred. Our mission was to learn more about AR529 and better prepare our children for college by preparing our college savings fund.

Before I tell you about this awesome plan let me begin by saying you do not have to live in Arkansas to take advantage of it (though it is preferred).

AR529 College Savings Plan

How many of you already have a college savings plan started for your children?

If you were looking at me right now, my hand would not be raised. My reasons fall right in line with others who have not started a college savings plan for their children yet:
– I always thought I had to begin with a large amount of money
– I have trouble finding the “extra” money
– I hope my children will get scholarships
– I always thought my children could take out loans
– My children are still young and we aren’t thinking about college much

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