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2015 Goals and Word of the Year

2015 Goals and Word of the Year - Earnest by LifeAsAConvert

Every year I have been choosing a word to focus on. The past few years I’ve done More, Less, and Christ-like. My 2015 word is going to be Earnest:

2015 Word of the Year - Earnest by LifeAsAConvert - Google Definition

You can see last year’s goals and word here: (2014 Goals and Word of the Year). I like choosing a word to focus on because it sets the whole theme for the year. It becomes a motto of sorts and whenever I start questioning “What have I done this year?” I can think about my word and see the changes it has helped bring about. If you haven’t chosen your word yet, or if this is the first year you are choosing one, might I recommend Earnest?

I chose this word because

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A look back at 2014

When 2014 rolled in, I decided to have a little fun with my goals. I don’t like labeling them as resolutions. I wanted something that I was excited about; something to look forward to completing. I think I did a good job in picking my 2014 goals.

My 2014 goals were:

Pie in my kids faces
Random act of kindness
Visit a new place
Begin running again
Try a new cookie recipe
Try a new hairstyle

In March I checked up on my goals, and then didn’t check up anymore. Oops. It is only fair, that as 2014 is winding down, I give you a final checkup on my 2014 goals and a look back at some of this year’s highlights – at least the ones I blogged about.

Pie in my kids faces – I got Kaia and Aybra. I am a little hesitant to get Losh.
Random act of kindness – Meh. I did many random acts, but none felt very powerful. I would love to give back in a big way.
Visit a new place – No. Just No. Didn’t really get to anywhere new. Unless you count Moss Mountain Farm.
Begin running again – Meh. I am halfway there.
Try a new cookie recipe – Done. It was a fail.
Try a new hairstyle – Done. This was semi a fail. I didn’t get the cut I wanted and ended up being unhappy, even though the haircut looked nice.

January: We learned that one of our favorite parks had been the victim of arson.
February: Kaia gave a talk on Community Service and got BAPTIZED!!
March: We moved into a new house – just me and the kids <3. Aybra had an awesome Mermaid party.
April: Losh witnessed a wheelchair basketball game.
May: Losh turned 9 aka Half-way-to-eighteen.
June: Losh got baptized and decannulated!
July: I became a mom of a 10 year old.
August: We began a new homeschool year and started off by answering some Frequently Asked Questions.
September: I learned that people in the US are pretty darn spoiled.
October: I had a guest post on my blog and my sister revealed a new book cover (All Falls Down).
November: The road to being debt-free began! Our vlog turned one year old!
December: We celebrated Christmas and I finally narrowed down my blog’s niche (It only took the entire year!)

Overall, I would say 2014 was a fantastic year. 2015 can only get better!

Thank you for experiencing 2014 with us.

Increase my emergency fund..

Believe it or not, many people do not have a savings plan in place. When I say savings here I am being a little general and referring to people in the US and including college, emergency, retirement, etc. Basically, any kind of savings. I was a little curious what that number might be like so I asked Google.. Apparently 1/3 of people do not have a savings! That is a lot of people y’all. I am ashamed to be in that fraction. Another startling statistic that I pulled from Google is that 75% of people are living paycheck to paycheck. I am in that percentage as well. *cue the pity party*

Increase Emergency Savings Fund by LifeAsAConvert

When I listed out my 30 before 30 goals I made sure that one of them was to increase my emergency savings fund. To some people this means having $1,000. To others it means having enough to live for 1-6 months if income were to be stopped. For me, it is a mixture of the two. I am aiming at the $1,000, but ultimately planning on having enough for 6 months starting 1 month at a time in addition to the $1,000. I am here to tell you that I have made no considerable addition to that non-existent savings of mine. Why? I was overwhelmed with where to start. Being a single mother, I do not have a lot of income. I spend a lot of it shuffling kids to and from therapy and doctor appointments, paying bills, fixing broken down vehicles, and sipping lattes. This leaves little left over. But, how much is leftover? Good question! I have spent the last month figuring this out.

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Goal Check – 2014

The year isn’t even half-way over and I feel like I’m accomplishing so much. I thought it would be fun to look back on my goals and to see if I’m staying true to what I wanted. After all, I wanted this year to be a year of fun, carefree goals, and not horrible resolutions that I would give up on within a week.


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