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Unit Study Planner – Homeschool Printable (FREE)

Unit Study Planner – Homeschool Printable

Hey guys! I am dropping by real quick with a free printable for your homeschool planner. This FREE printable is a very easy to use Unit Study Planner. This worksheet covers all of the basics and will help you easily plan and keep track of your different units throughout the year. The layout is the exact same, with a few color options to chose from.

Black and White:

unit study planner homeschool free printable


A Pop of color:

unit study planner with a pop of color free printable homeschool download


Chevron Background:

unit study planner green chevron


 I will be keeping a “master copy” of this unit study planner in my homeschool planner as well as a few extras to copy as needed. Hope you enjoy it and pass along to anybody that you may find could use it!

Archways to Opportunity – A McDonald’s Education Program

I am a brand ambassador for Central Arkansas McDonald’s and this post has been sponsored. However, all opinions are my own

After writing my last post about what Kaia wanted to be when he grew up (spoiler: A McDonald’s Employee), I learned that McDonald’s offers an education program that is geared toward helping their employees succeed. I have, and I am guessing many of you had, not heard of this program before.

The Archways to Opportunity program was started to help McDonald’s employees succeed by helping to further their education.

Taken directly from their website:
Archways to Opportunity helps employees learn English-language skills, get a high school diploma, and move on to an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree. We believe that education is the true game-changer. We’re proud to provide employees with tools and world-class training that help them succeed within our System. Archways to Opportunity is not a one-size-fits–all solution, but an overarching education strategy that meets people where they are. (Source)

Within this program, there are different options to chose from.

Archways to Opportunity

English Under the Arches
– For employees who need help learning the English language, these courses can offer assistance with writing in English, and even help with learning how to conduct performance reviews. These courses are geared towards helping the employee become proficient at English in order to communicate better with the customer and staff.

Career Online Highschool
– Earn a High School Diploma online. In as little as six months, employees can earn their high school diploma, and even apply some credits from courses they have already taken.

Earn a College Degree
– Tuition assistance is available for approved courses.

Education Advising
– An advisor will help the employee explore their options. This includes helping them understand the process of returning to school.

The more I read, the more impressed I became. Not only does the Archways to Opportunity program help McDonald’s retain employees, it helps those employees succeed. If Kaia does end up working at McDonald’s then I know that he will have made a good decision. According to Don Thompson, CEO of McDonalds, 40% of their top executives started out as entry-level workers. That is an impressive number and while Kaia may not become an executive, and may not take advantage of these programs that are offered, I must say that I am glad McDonald’s offers these.

Did you know about the Archways to Opportunity program before reading this post?

Facts about Malawi – a homeschool lesson

Facts about Malawi

March is Aybra’s birth month and to celebrate I wanted to share some posts on the blog that are unique to her.  Some of you may know that Aybra’s father is from Malawi – a small country in Africa. I am going to share some facts about Malawi as well as a recipe and activity to make this mini lesson complete.

Malawi is located in the South-eastern part of Africa and is approximately the size of Pennsylvania. Malawi gained independence from Britain on July 6th, 1964 and became a Republic two years later. Peter Mutharika is Malawi’s current President.


The colors of the Malawian flag are black, red, and green. Black represents the people of Africa. Red stands for the blood shed during Malawi’s fight for independence and green stands for Malawi’s plush vegetation. The rising sun stands for the dawn of freedom.

A staple food in Malawi is nsima. This is a thick paste/patty made from white corn powder. It is usually eaten with two relishes, or side dishes, consisting of a vegetable and protein. One of the most common relishes is ndiwo and contains tomatoes, onions, and leaves. Aybra’s father introduced me to this dish early on and it has been a favorite of mine since.

Ndiwo Recipe:

1 chopped onion
2 chopped tomatoes
1 tsp cooking oil
salt to taste

Sauté the onion using the cooking oil in a small pot
Add the remaining ingredients and cook until slightly tender
Serve with nsima anything!

Facts about Malawi - Ndiwo food

More fun facts about Malawi:

Malawi’s Independence Day: July 6, 1964
Capital City: Lilongwe
Population: over 16 million
Major Religions: Christianity and Islam
Official Language: English and Chichewa
Climate: Sub-tropical
Average Family Size: 3-5 children
Malawian Currency: Kwacha (Approximately 1USD = 430MWK)



I found this great coloring page of the Malawian flag. You can click on the source link to see the full sized version.

Facts about Malawi coloring page(Source)

Have you ever been to Africa? 

Have you ever heard of Malawi before? 

Arkansas Homeschool Basics – Free Printable

Arkansas Homeschool Basics

When I was putting together my homeschool planner I wanted to include a one page printable of the basic Arkansas homeschool requirements. Everything I found was no less than two pages, and being so nit-picky, that just wasn’t working for me. I decided I would make my own. I present to you the Arkansas Homeschool Basics:

These are the basic laws, rules, and requirements for homeschooling in Arkansas:

arkansas homeschool basics
Arkansas Homeschool Basics DOWNLOAD

Please keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list of all Arkansas homeschool rules and laws. These are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding homeschooling in Arkansas, and best of all, it fits on one page! Included on this printable are the educator requirements, attendance requirements, curriculum requirements, HSLDA and The Education Alliance contact information and more.

Do you have a homeschool planner?
I do. I am planning on using this in my 2015-2016 homeschool planner. 

If you don’t homeschool do you think this would come in handy for those that do?