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Headcover Styles… for a Mormon

I just wanted to share briefly some headcover styles that are suitable for a Mormon. Despite what some people may believe, it is not required that Mormon women cover their heads. A certain set of modesty standards, is however, required. Because my hair is so short right now I have been wearing styles similar to these below (think turban), but I also like to wear a style similar to the tichels when my hair is longer.

Headscarf Styles for a Mormon by LifeAsAConvert 2

Headscarf Styles for a Mormon by LifeAsAConvert

All of these came from pinterest, to see more follow my “Headcovers” board.

Which style above is your favorite?

Count your blessings

Some habits are heard to break. Take for instance my habit to immediately count somebodies blessings when they start complaining. It always makes me think of the LDS Hymn “Count your Blessings”


Maybe it is because I know how life is…

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A little boy took a big step

As long as I can remember Losh has always been “spiritual”. He has something about him that I’ve never really seen in anybody else; so pure compared to most. So, when he wanted to get baptized I was a little hesitant. After all, baptism is for the remission of sins, and this little guy had no sins. Of course he has made a few transgressions, but sins are an entirely different matter. When our home teacher and missionaries started asking about his baptism, I knew it was time.

Losh with Elder Hanover and  Elder Daley

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A Proverb a Day..

A long time ago when I started reading and studying the scriptures I came across some brilliant advice:


The idea is to read 1 complete chapter of Proverbs daily using the day of the month as your guide. For instance today is the second so you will read Proverbs 2. For the months that only have 30 days, or February, you will read the final chapters on the last day. I stuck with this advice for a while, but somewhere I got out of the habit. Recently I reintroduced it and I must say it I have missed it.

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