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Easiest Hummus Recipe Ever! – Bush’s #HummusMadeEasy #ad

This post has been sponsored by Kendal King Group as part of a Soap Box Campaign. All opinions are my own.

Bush’s Hummus Made Easy

A few weeks ago our church hosted a Ward Social with plenty of friends, fun games, and food to go around! The night before I forgot all about it, and my mom (who went with me) ended up waking me an hour before time to be there. She was ready. Me? Not so much! I had to get myself and two children ready, not to mention find something to take to the potluck.

Lucky for me, I remembered I had a can of Bush’s Garbanzo beans and a package of Bush’s Hummus Made Easy.

Within an hour I had all of us and the hummus ready to go. (We obviously aren’t high maintenance).

Bush's Hummus Made Easy - LDS Ward Social Potluck Snack by Life as a Convert

The Food:

All you need for the Hummus is a can of Bush’s Garbanzo beans and a package of Hummus Made Easy, both found in the canned bean aisle at Wal-Mart.

Mix them together in a blender or food processor and you are ready to go! The flavor is right in the package and there is no need to add anything else. You can if you want to, but it is delicious just as it is.

Bush's Hummus Made Easy - Available at Wal-Mart by Life as a Convert

I chose the Classic flavor for the potluck and received rave reviews and a few people asking for the recipe.

If you aren’t a “Classic” kind of person, they have two other options to choose from “Southwest Black Bean” and “Roasted Red Pepper”. I have tried all three and like all of them. The Southwest Black Bean version is a great substitute for refried beans. See what I made with mine by clicking here.

Bush's Hummus Made Easy - Easiest Potluc Snack Ever - Classic Hummus Recipe by Life as a Convert

The Fun:

After all the food, the kids played with bubbles and I played with my camera some more. I am really getting the hang of manual mode. I don’t always get it right, but I am definitely getting it better! Losh enjoyed vlogging and taking pictures of me.

DSC_0598 copy

Aybra spent her time blowing bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles. I kid you not, I have about 200 pictures of her blowing bubbles (must go through them and pair them down!).

DSC_0600 copy

Do you like hummus? 

What is your favorite way to enjoy it?Bush's Hummus Made Easy - Easiest Potluc Snack Ever by Life as a Convert

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VenturianTale Birthday Party! (Happy Birthday Aybra)

VenturianTale Birthday Party!

Can we just pretend for a moment that it is NOT May and I put this birthday post up months ago? Aybra’s actual birthday was in March. – For her birthday she requested a VenturianTale theme. For those who are not familiar, VenturianTale is a Youtube gaming channel and just so happens to be her favorite one.

VenturianTale Birthday Party Free Printables by Life as a Convert

VenturianTale is a pretty popular channel among kids her age, but like 99.9% of other Youtube channels it doesn’t have party decorations available. Bummer, right?

Nah! No problem!

I made Aybra’s decorations. Luckily for me their logo is pretty basic and the colors are common. (blue background, red triangle, yellow “V”).

I could not find an image of their logo that was suitable for my needs, so I made my own copycat version of their logo. This was the foundation for all other decorations.

VenturianTale Birthday Party Free Printables by Life as a Convert(Download)

I used various sizes of this image on top of a blue table cloth as confetti. I made and printed everything last minute, so I didn’t have time to do this, but wanted to add some of them to red cups.

The menu was surprisingly difficult to figure out. VenturianTale is composed of 4 different kids (Jordan, Isaac, Ciera, and Bethany). Their last name is Frye. I knew that we would be having “French Fryes” but I couldn’t decide what else to make with it. I ended up making quite a few different food labels to choose from.

Like other birthdays, I tried to incorporate the theme into the food. I used their names and things unique to their channel to create labels for the food. I served hamburgers, hot dogs, and some sides. Hardly any of the party guests recognized the references, but Aybra was happy with her VenturianTale Birthday and that is all that matters.

VenturianTale Birthday Party Food Menu Printables

Her grandpa made her cake and I did my best to decorate it. It definitely tasted better than it looked! I also made her birthday banner (link to download at the bottom of this post) but probably could have printed it out at 50% of its original size and/or figured out a way to get two images on one page. It ended up being quite large, but still fine. I saved it to re-use for Losh’s party coming up soon.

Aybra only asked for Five Nights at Freddy’s plushies. From the time I put them on my Amazon wish list to the time I ordered, the price went up significantly, so she ended up getting only one from me (Foxy). My sister bought her Freddy and she has been carrying one with her all the time. She got plenty of other presents and didn’t seem to mind that she had to wait for the rest of the collection. I think this VenturianTale Birthday party scored right on par with her puppy birthday party from last year.

Aybra's 8th Birthday Party - VenturianTale Birthday Party

I did take quite a few pictures, but apparently not of the other decorations or food! This happened to be a large party compared to our normal parties, and I was quite distracted. (I usually try to get pictures before the guests arrive, but the food was being grilled and wasn’t ready until after many people were there)

Prepare for cliche….

“I can’t believe she is 8 years old”. It really does seem like just a moment ago she was a tiny baby in the NICU, and now here she is half-way grown! I’m so blessed to have her in my life. She has never been a girly girl, but with the age 8 came a slight change in her. She has a sudden interest in some girly things and I couldn’t be happier! Losh’s party is coming up next and he is still undecided, but leaning towards Batman for a theme.  Guess I better prepare for that!

Do you have any cute Batman party ideas? 

Do your kids watch VenturianTale?


Birthday Banner:

Blue and Yellow Printable Birthday Banner

Food/Menu Labels, Blank label, Small logo, etc:

Food/Menu Labels and other Party Printables

Copycat Logo:

Copycat Logo

Kaia’s MONEY Themed Birthday Party


My kids usually start discussing and deciding themes months in advance of their birthdays. Kaia is different.. He tosses out ideas, but never really settles on one. He told me many times that he wanted a money party, where everybody brought him money instead of presents. So, when it came closer to his birthday and he was still undecided on a theme, I went with the Money Themed Birthday Party Idea. I gotta say, I think it is as great as Losh’s Christmas Birthday Party.

Money Themed Birthday Party blog

I planned on giving him $100 for his birthday, so I had the bank give me $1 bills and I made a money tree. Using some branches from one of our overgrown bushes, I stapled the money on the leaves. I wasn’t sure how it would hold up, but it actually held up great. I tried getting some pictures of it outside, but the humidity kept fogging my camera lens up! I put the branches into a vase and it became the main decoration for this money themed birthday party.

Money Themed Birthday Party 2

To go along with the money tree, I used dollar bills as decorations. I even found a website that let me put his face onto a dollar bill. I printed those out and scattered them across the table too. In the picture with the cake, you can barely see that I also printed and cut out dollar sign decorations. These were just simple black and white circles with dollar signs on them. If you want to do a money themed birthday party, I am sure you could find some simple dollar sign images on google image.

Money Themed Birthday Party Decorations

On the way to pick up a cake from the bakery, he decided that he wanted us to just make it instead. He wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles. Grandpa was in charge of making it because he makes the best cakes – Seriously, I suck at cakes.

Money Themed Birthday Party Cake

11 big ones!

Money Themed Birthday Party Candles

He asked me about a million times if he could keep all of the money decorations. He was pretty excited when he found out that indeed he could and that it was his present. My mom and grandma knew about the theme ahead of time, so they even scattered their money to him across the table. He really wants to buy games with it, but I am insisting that he saves up for a better computer first.

And what is a party, without some photo booth fun?

Photo Booth Fun at Money Birthday Party


I know parents always say this, but I can’t believe he is growing up so fast. Before I know it, he will be driving!

What is the most unique birthday party theme you have ever heard? 

If you could have any party theme, what would it be?

Happy Christmas Birthday Party Losh!

Happy Christmas Birthday Party Losh!!

Turning 10 is a pretty big deal, right? This little guy just hit that milestone:

Christmas Birthday Party for Losh 7

To celebrate, Losh asked for another Christmas Birthday Party. (He had one when he turned 8 too) We chose a slightly easier food route this time and I am glad we did. We woke up to the power being out and it was out for a few hours. I can’t imagine the stress I would have felt trying to prepare Christmas Dinner with no power!

Losh chose the menu: grilled chicken, green beans, baked beans, mashed potatoes, and banana pudding

This handsome guy manned the grill:

Christmas Birthday Party for Losh

The cake was provided by a dear friend. Kaia said it was too pretty to eat. Everybody loved the chicken and the cake.

Christmas Birthday Party for Losh 2

A little backstory… Losh likes to talk on the phone to his grandpa. His grandpa pretends to be Santa Claus, Santa’s helper, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, etc.. One of Losh’s favorite people to talk to is Little Timmy Elf. This elf happens to be Santa’s number one helper. Losh is convinced that he is really talking to an Elf on the phone, and he even writes him letters. Since the ladies at the post office respond to these letters personally, he actually believes this elf is real. We have tried telling him that Santa Claus and this elf really do not exist, but he doesn’t believe us. He is very smart, but he is also very childlike in his beliefs.

His grandpa just so happened to tell Losh that Little Timmy Elf shared the same birthday as him. Losh insisted on inviting this elf to his birthday party and I kinda freaked out wondering how I was going to get an elf to the party…. I put out a couple calls on Facebook and my dear friend who made the cake just so happened to have a friend with an Elf costume. Losh was elated! He quickly became BFFs with Little Timmy Elf.

Christmas Birthday Party for Losh 3

He played with the elf, opened presents with the elf, ate with the elf, and did everything he could with the elf, after all Little Timmy Elf had to get back to Santa’s workshop. At the end of the party, we tried telling him that the Elf wasn’t really real, but again, he wouldn’t believe it.

Christmas Birthday Party for Losh 5

For his Christmas birthday party, he didn’t ask for much. He asked for a paper shredder (for his make believe doctor office), a trampoline, and a bow and arrow. He got everything he asked for… and then some:

Christmas Birthday Party for Losh 6

Seeing him ride around on the 4 wheeler and “jump” on the trampoline is a blast. I think I get more excited to celebrate with them than they do. And I gotta say, I can’t believe I am now mother to TWO ten year olds.

Have you ever invited characters to your children’s birthday?
Losh is actually the only child of mine who has ever had characters. He had Santa, Mickey Mouse, and now the Elf.