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January’s Reflections (Quotes on Images)

January’s Reflections (Quotes on Images)

In my daily planner I have a section for “Reflections”. This is where I write things that come to mind throughout the day. These reflections often include thoughts, scripture versus to remember, things that moved me, or quotes. It’s nice to look over these at the end of the month and see where my mood and mind is in life. I decided that for 2016 I am going to share some of my favorite reflections at the end of every month. I have also decided to add these quotes on images. Feel free to download them and use them as you desire.

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Religion is the same - The details are the difference - quotes on imagesReligion is the same. The details are the difference.

Confidence in an action or choice will never lead to guilt - quotes on imagesConfidence in an action or choice will never lead to guilt.

I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly John 10 10 - quotes on imagesJohn 10:10 “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

Celebrate Progress - quotes on imagesIt’s ok to celebrate progress, but a completed task is even sweeter. Small celebrations create big/lasting memories.

Not knowing your purpose is sometimes a good thing - quotes on imagesNot knowing your purpose is sometimes a good thing… (I read a book written from the perspective of a pig.. He went on a trip to the south pole. He was intended to be used for food.)

Things aren't always as they seem - quotes on imagesThings aren’t always as they seem.

Surrender to service - quotes on imagesSurrender to service.

Once you are ready to let go of yourself life happens - quotes on imagesOnce you are ready to let go of yourself, life happens.

Circumstances can change even the purest of intentsCircumstances can change even the purest of intents.

Don't let yourself get too comfortable in anything - quotes on imagesDon’t let yourself get too comfortable in anything.

Cross-On-Hill-Stock Freedom isn't free - Love is abounding - quotes on imagesFreedom is never free. – Love is abounding. – Love is ALIVE

Use everything in your power to help people in bad situations - quotes on imagesUse everything in your power to help people in bad situations.

Always anticipate a change of plans - Never be afraid to admit mistakes - quotes on imagesAlways anticipate a change of plans. Never be afraid to admit mistakes.

God doesn't give up on you when he gets tired - quotes on imagesGod doesn’t give up on you when He gets tired.

*Images contained in this post are a mixture of my own and stock images. I have full permission to use all of these photos.

How to motivate yourself to read scriptures

Reading Scriptures

Have you ever said to yourself “I am going to start reading my scriptures more”? Often we have good intentions for reading scriptures, but end up falling through on them. In October, for instance, I planned on reading my Book of Mormon in 30 days.  A few months later, and I finally completed it. Sometimes reading scriptures can be hard mentally. The trick is to find what makes us motivated.  I’m giving you a list of the things that help me stay motivated to read my scriptures

How to motivate yourself to read the scriptures

Book of Mormon Reading Chart:  I am the kind of person who gets a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when I can check off a little box saying that I have completed something. Being able to check off each chapter and see my progress on a reading chart motivates me to read more. Download this one, fold it up, and tuck it into your scriptures. Or, for a more “in your face” approach, tape it to your fridge, or T.V. stand. Seeing it everyday will remind you to read.

Friends: Involve your friends. Challenge them to see who can read through the scriptures first. Add a little incentive if needed, but get them involved. Send them reminders to read theirs and have them send you reminders, or read them together. You are less likely to quit something when you have a partner.

Discussions: If you are a blogger or vlogger, set up a weekly series where you discuss the scriptures you have read. You could even post them on your Facebook or Instagram feed. Having some accountability should help you stay on track.

Challenge or Reward yourself: Challenge yourself to read at least 1-2 chapters per day. If you continually meet this challenge, increase the amount you are reading. Don’t forget to reward yourself. Maybe a piece of chocolate for every book you read, or a new pair of shoes once you finish the entire book. Find what will motivate YOU.
Wake early: Chances are, if you wait until later in the evening, you won’t read. Instead, set an alarm and wake up 20 minutes earlier each day. Use this time for reading scriptures and preparing for the day mentally.

Set timers: This can be taken two ways: one, set a timer for 20 minutes and read for just those 20 minutes, or two, set a timer on your phone to go off during a time you know you have free. Stop whatever you are doing when you hear this timer and read.

and finally,

BEGIN: Don’t wait until tomorrow. Don’t wait until your new scriptures arrive in the mail, or until Sunday. Begin now. Starting a task is usually the most difficult part of completion.

What helps you stay motivated to read your scriptures? 

Book of Mormon Journaling

Book of Mormon Journaling

In October I printed out a Book of Mormon reading chart. I intended to read through the book in 30 days. I started on October 18th. Here it is January, and I am not done yet. Life happened; I slacked. In my defense, I also started scripture journaling again. I wanted to journal as I read each chapter, so unless I was in a place where I could journal while I read, I just didn’t read.

My Book of Mormon journaling is a mix of favorite verses, important people, meanings of words, commandments, and drawings.

 Scripture Journaling(This is NOT mine. This work of art belongs to Bekki)

Now, I am not the artistic kind at all, but I do some doodles in my journal which is a spiral bound notebook that I took from the classroom. None of them look like the above. I had the pleasure of clicking on the #biblejournaling tag on instagram recently and was blown away by some of the individual’s talent there. I really had no clue that people went through such depths journaling the scriptures. At first, I was envious of their talent:


Scripture Journaling Genesis (This belongs to Deborah)

But then I realized they just have a different talent than me.

Those fancy Journaling Bibles make it a little easier to journal directly in the scriptures. I like this idea. I am not sure if I would actually do it, but I like that the option is there if I ever decide to go that route. I do mark in my scriptures with colored pencil, highlighting versus I deem important, but generally don’t write in them and definitely don’t draw in them. I don’t have a lot of space to write and my talent is not of the artistic variety. I find my writing in my notebook to be satisfying enough for me.

Scripture journaling - using God's talents for good(I forgot who this one came from! It is NOT mine.)

I use my Book of Mormon journaling time as some quiet time to myself. It is a time where I can prepare for the day, or end a long day in solitude. It is one thing that I can do and the children do not bother me, though Losh will sometimes sit beside me and do his own work.

It is my hopes that I can create a journal for all of the standard works and give them to my children when they get older. My current Book of Mormon journaling system requires one page for each chapter. Some chapters are combined onto one page. This means I will be using a lot of notebooks! The kids will just have to fight over which book they get.

Do you have a scripture – or other – journal? 

Charity Work

Did you know that the word “Charity” actually means “love”?

Charity is the pure love of Christ. It is the love that Christ has for the children of men and that the children of men should have for one another. It is the highest, noblest, and strongest kind of love and the most joyous to the soul (see 1 Nephi 11:23) (Source).


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