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Kaia’s Favorite Things AND Dysgraphia Progress

Kaia’s Favorite Things AND Dysgraphia Progress

A few months ago I shared Aybra’s Favorite Things. Since Kaia’s birthday recently passed (ok, a month ago!) I wanted to post his favorite things and a dysgraphia progress update.

Money Themed Birthday Party Candles

According to Kaia, his favorite things are:

Food – Pizza or Hot Dogs or Hamburgers
Color – Red
Name – Kaia or Dan
YouTuber – DanTDM
Fruit – Apple
Vegetable – Broccoli
Number – 10
ToDo – Play Games
TV Show – Outrageous Acts of Science
Toy – Red Spikey Ball / PS3

I asked him if he could make a video about anything what would it be about and he said “About a game or just anything”

I also asked him if he had a million dollars what would he do with it and he said “Buy stuff that I wanted and give $100 to charity and another $100 to homeless people”

I love that he wants to share at least a part of his million dollars with charity and those in need!  In his defense, I don’t think he actually realizes how much 1,000,000 dollars is and how much he could actually give.

For those of you who may not know, Kaia has Tourette’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, and Dysgraphia. Dysgraphia is a learning disability that makes it hard for Kaia to form letters properly, use appropriate letter sizing and spacing, and difficulty spelling. He mostly struggles with writing, but recently tested out of Occupational Therapy where he worked diligently on improving his penmanship and ability to form letters properly within boundaries.


(His writing is the bottom two lines)

We continue to work on handwriting at home and I wanted to share his progress. Notice how his writing is actually within the lines? Previously his sentences would snake down the page. That his letters are contained to one line is HUGE for him! I am proud of him and thankful for the therapists that worked hard helping him get here.

Have you ever heard of dysgraphia?
Until his diagnosis I had never heard of it. I always just thought he had sloppy handwriting. 

What would your video be about?