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Losh update – 1 year post trach decannulation

Losh update – 1 year post trach decannulation

Approximately one year ago Losh got his trach out. I wanted to give a little post trach decannulation update:

Trach Decannulation Day – June 4th, 2014

The doctor assured us that within a few months the hole would close, and if it hadn’t closed near the 1 year mark that they would discuss surgically closing it..

Immediately post trach decannulation

ENT continued to monitor the stoma and by the six month mark, his hole was still ever so slightly open, but the Dr. decided to go ahead and discuss surgical closure.

Nearing the one year mark.. Hole still open, but only slightly.

Nearing the one year mark.. Hole still open, but only slightly.

Because he was already scheduled for a surgery at the end of April, ENT decided just to tag along with that surgery and close it then.

So, on the 28th of April, Losh had his stoma surgically closed.

In Pre-op waiting for surgery...

In Pre-op waiting for surgery…

In recovery (Click the image to see the VLOG on youtube)

In recovery (Click the image to see the VLOG on youtube)

You can click the image to view the vlog. It goes into a little more detail, but surgery went well. He had some oral work done (sealants, crowns, and a root canal), bronchoscopy, and stoma closure. Recovery didn’t go as well. He was upset because he woke with a bad taste in his mouth and he wanted me. He kept dropping his sats and needed to be put on oxygen. They kept him on it overnight along with an apnea monitor. In the morning, they downloaded the results, took him off of the oxygen (which he kept placing on top of his nose anyway) and told us we could go home!

He is almost 2 weeks post-op and doing really well. There have been no complications. The site is healing up nicely. In a few more weeks he will just be another kid in a wheelchair instead of a “trach kid”.

That is an awesome feeling!

Life without a trach..

It has been a month since Losh had his trach removed. I have 2 children that do not have trachs and have never had trachs, but we are still learning how to live life without a trach.


I never let go of the thought that he could have to have his trach replaced, but so far he has done well without it. A part of me is still…

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My kid has a hole in his neck and I am HAPPY about it!

This adorable little boy…


..got admitted to the hospital today

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We have some big news…

We have the mostly incredibly, fabulous, awesomely awesome news ever..

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After 8 long years (when they originally said 1 year max) he is getting to live life without the trach. We go bright and early tomorrow morning for the doctors to remove it, after which he will be monitored throughout the day and then stay the night to make sure everything is ok.

TRACH FREE Y’ALL! That is a big deal!

We will be vlogging the whole time, so be sure to subscribe to our vlog on youtube so you can stay up to date with us.