Random Roundup Part 2 – Have you Ever?

Welcome to another edition of Random Roundup. Last time I discussed random things that just didn’t fill a blog post by themselves. This week? The same thing. Let’s get to it:

  • Have you ever noticed how spam comments are versus real comments?
      • Spam: You have the

      • best blog ever. You are super fabulous. Your blog is fabulous. Everything about you is awesome. I am going to share this with everybody… and…
      • Real comments: Great post! 
      • Real comment version 2: You suck! This is terrible.
  • Have you ever been to a LDS baptism before? If so, then I am sure you have felt the Spirit. Well, when Losh was baptized I noticed that the Spirit felt so much different during his baptism than others. It felt so childlike, and carefree. It was a very happy time. A lot of baptism’s I have been to were for adults and those always felt like starting over and the Spirit gave me a very reflective feeling.  It was incredible to feel it differently during Losh’s baptism.
  • Have you ever had a question burning in your mind? You wanted to ask it so many times, but never felt like the time was right. Eventually, you opened up and asked somebody – somebody that you wouldn’t have expected to even ask.. and they gave you the exact answer you needed? Surely this can’t be only me? So many times I have had a question on my heart, but never asked anybody for the answer. When I finally asked somebody, it was a person that I wasn’t expecting to know, but the time was right and the answer I was given was exactly what I needed.
  • Have you ever wondered how other people lived their lives? I did! So, I decided to start sharing mine.

Have you ever had a random tidbit to share? Why not share it in the comments below?

60 thoughts on “Random Roundup Part 2 – Have you Ever?

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Actually a comment that just says “great post” is spam. Google considers anything less than 8 words to be spam.

    1. Jennifer Williams

      Most people do not realize or believe that a two word comment is considered spam. Funny how most of the actual spam comments are paragraphs long and usually so kind!

      1. Amanda McMahon

        Google may not count the short comments as good for the post, but the issue with spam comments are the backlinks to not so good sites, which is worse than “good post” spam, which is more neutral than negative. They usually don’t include a bad back link at least.

    1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

      I’ve gotten a few negative ones – like attacking me personally. I just block the IP address and delete the comment.

        1. Pam

          I had to block one today. It is really easy if you have a wordpress manager. It is under the Discussion section in your manager.

  2. Jennifer Williams

    My favorite comments are the ones that have absolutely nothing to do with the post and they are not spam – they irritate me. I always have random thoughts, most complain that I am all over the place and babble too much!

  3. Paula Schuck

    I have had negative comments and I gl don’t mind them actually. As long as people are reading, I am happy. I haven’t been to a baptism for so very long. It’s hard to remember what that was like.

  4. Amy Desrosiers

    I am super hungry right now and need to brush my hair! That’s a tid bit for ya~!

  5. Kristen @ kristenione

    I love this! I have had that experience with asking a question and I think it’s amazing how we are just meant to have certain conversations with certain people…at certain times. Like God planned it that way!!

  6. coolchillmom

    you made me smile because today I was deleting a whole lot of spam comments.
    never been to a LSD baptism. curious about it

  7. Pam

    I am really craving a good salad right now. How is that for random. I also need to get off the computer and go do some random laundry. ;)

  8. Tracy Batwinas

    I love that you’re opening up and starting to share your life. I love connecting with people and sometimes social media seems to make it harder, with people being more interested in telling you what they have to sell you than being part of a conversation. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Amanda Love

    I try not to post anything less than 2 sentences whenever I read a blog post. Great post is actually considered a spam comment and although I may say it at the end of a comment, it is definitely not a stand alone comment.

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      True. I think using it as a stand alone comment is bad all around. Bloggers want to hear more than “good post”… For instance What was good about it?

  10. Pam

    I have definitely noticed that longer comments are usually spam. Real comments usually stick to eight words, two sentences. Actually, I’ve been surprised by a few real comments lately- I almost marked them as spam because they were several sentences long!

  11. Mommy2jam

    Random Tidbit – I had the opportunity to be a child actress, however my mother told my father that it wasn’t going to happen. They had friends in the industry. I really don’t want to name drop! LOL

      1. Veronica

        I know my spam is usually very long. My clients leave me short comments all the time and they are legit. I think this short comment being spam thing is a myth

  12. nicole

    I hate spam comments I always get weird ones with a random link drop and then some rambling that doesn’t even make any sense.

  13. Tough Cookie Mommy

    You are absolutely right, spam comments are just ridiculous sometimes. I often wonder why they don’t just take the time to leave a real comment for all the time they waste leaving a spam one.

  14. Kori

    I read some of the spam comments for laughs and to correct the grammar mistakes. Yes, I’m odd like that but I can’t help myself.

  15. N phoenix

    Hmm. random thought. Where do you stare when riding a packed new York city subway cart. I find myself reading signs over and over because I hate staring into the eyes strangers.

  16. becca

    If I didn’t get at least to negative comment on every post I would think the world was ending. Oh my random tidbit what makes jello wiggling.

  17. Tami

    I get so many spam comments, it drives me insane. I’m thinking whomever or whatever is leaving them must have a huge dictionary at their disposal, because sometimes I can’t even pronounce or even know what some of the words mean. Also, they are also from a different century!! “Dear Madam, I bid you good evening…” I mean…who talks like that? LOL

  18. Marielle Altenor

    Spam comments are always so nice ahahah “I came across your post and I must tell you that I find it amazingly informative! Keep up the good work” —-on my contact me page LOL

  19. Carly from The Puzzled Palate

    I hate, unintentionally unrelated comments! The spam comments are so funny. My favorite one was something like this, “I have spend much time to like your internet blog. I have nice information on my too. Please read to information as well at howtomakeyougroww.” I seriously laughed for like 5 minutes!

  20. Theresa

    I find the spam comments so ridiculous, they can be quite funny at times. I have one blogger who leaves comments that are so crazy sometimes (real ones!) that I just laugh and laugh now. I used to find it irritating, but after learning more about this person, the comments just fit.

  21. April @ Everyday Fitness and Nutrition

    I started writing a post like this the other day because I was so amused by some of the comments. “This is the best information I’ve ever read. It has changed my life and I’m going to share it with everyone I know.” Really?!? My pot roast recipe changed your life. I know it’s a good recipe but I’m not sure I’d call it life changing.

  22. Jocelyn McGaffic

    I have random thoughts all the time. Sometimes I’ll just blurt something out to my husband and he’ll ask where it even came from.

    I too love the spam comments. They are rather flattering!

  23. Lady Liith

    Yes. i hate all the spam. It is really getting out of hand. But I have to read them all because I have found a few not spam comments mixed in.

  24. Kristen @ kristenione

    Luckily we get to monitor what comments get shown on our blog! I haven’t gotten anything negative yet, but I’m not a big blog…maybe someday, then I’ll have really made it when I get some haters, haha.

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      Haha that is definitely the ultimate sign of “making it” … I haven’t really received many negative comments lately, but I did have one girl a few years back who was out to make my life a miserable hell. I’m thankful for comment moderation. Keeps the negativity (ad spam!) away and allows me to read all the comments so I don’t miss any.

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