New posting schedules!

New posting schedules:

Hey guys and gals. I just wanted to make a quick announcement about some things. As you know, I’ve been working hard on cleaning up my brand, defining my niche, and becoming more organized. I have decided on new posting schedules to help with this.

Brand new posting schedules for blog and youtube channel

I will be posting every Monday and Friday here on the blog. While my topics will mostly stick to the defined niche, I will be posting in my other categories as well. To accommodate all of those, I will not be doing a specific topic on specific days. (I never really did that anyway!).

My youtube channel has also gone through a makeover, with a focus on homeschooling. I am posting on Monday (homeschool), Wednesday (homeschool), Friday (anything goes including tags, challenges, hauls, etc), and Sunday (our weekly vlog). Check us out on YouTube at Life As A Convert TV. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any videos. If you have any video ideas of things you would like to see, feel free to let me know. I will be posting some videos here that will not be available on youtube. You can subscribe to my RSS feed using the buttons on the right.

In a bid to keep my branding the same across all social media platforms, I have decided to stick with the “Faith, Homeschooling, and Special Needs” categories as my main focus areas.

I have already put these new posting schedules to use on youtube. The blog will begin today. Expect my next post to be here waiting for you Friday morning.

And finally, I wanted to take this little bit of space left and say thank you to all of you that read and follow along, especially those that have been here for a long time. I truly appreciate each and every one of you and I appreciate each and every comment. I do read them all. I don’t always have time to reply to them all, but they are appreciated.

26 thoughts on “New posting schedules!

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      It has already helped me.. I have sat down, and with the help of the notes and rough drafts I already have of posts, I’ve been able to plan out the majority of the year – or at least get ideas.

  1. Amanda Ripsam

    I have been working on my branding too. I will look you up on YouTube. Bella likes me to share her videos up on my Youtube. Great idea only posting on certain days I’m still trying to build up my views again since I got web hosting. Best of luck to you.

  2. Theresa

    I think a post schedule is a fantastic idea! I started doing a light one a few months back, and now I don’t stress on what to post on what days.

  3. Pam

    Sounds like a great schedule! I like having a predefined schedule so that I’ll know when I need to get things done. :)

  4. Helene Cohen Bludman

    Having a schedule is a great idea. I usually just wing it but I know a schedule would be better for my blog.

  5. Robin

    I would love to implement a posting schedule like this for myself! Sounds like a really good plan going forward for you!

  6. ann

    I sort of keep a schedule, but it’s subject to change depending on what comes up. good luck to you.

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