Tips to Avoid Sacrament Struggles

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Sacrament Struggles

Struggling to keep kids still? Struggling to keep kids quiet? Struggling to keep your sanity? These are my sacrament struggles. If you have kids, then I bet you have struggled with these too. These are some ways I keep the sacrament holy and my little ones reverent.

Tips to Avoid Sacrament Struggles by LifeAsAConvert

Discuss the Importance of the Sacrament

It’s important to regularly discuss the sacrament. Don’t just make it a Sunday thing. Have family home evening lessons geared towards learning more about the sacrament. The more kids know, the more they will understand just how sacred it is.

Bring Distractions

I don’t know a mom who doesn’t carry a bag to church. Inside mine I have small toys, books, and mess-free snacks like grapes. Once the sacrament is passed, the kids can choose what they want. I also bribe them with gum that they can only have after the sacrament has been passed. This gives them something to look forward to. Reverently Quietly is a great one to have in your bag.
Avoid Sacrament struggles with Reverently Quietly - A book to keep children quiet during Sacrament Meeting

Prepare Ahead of Time

Put gas in the car. Have your church clothes laid out. Plan things for an easy lunch/dinner that day. The less you have to worry about the day of, the more relaxed you will be. Handling rowdy children when stressing about other things, means additional stress.

Arrive Early

There’s been a time or two where we arrived so late we missed sacrament entirely. I’m in a much better mood when I am there on time and can enjoy the sacrament without rushing to church and hoping I haven’t missed it. It really is true that your entire week is better when you have taken the sacrament.

Make it a Competition

My kids are all about competing with each other to see who can win. One way they do this is by “finding” the scriptures that the speaker has mentioned. Scripture Power is a great journal for young children who aren’t quite readers yet. They can “find” the scripture and draw or doodle a little about it.

Scripture Power - Book of Mormon Journal for Sacrament struggles

No matter how you may feel, you aren’t alone in the sacrament struggles. All parents struggle with sacrament at one point or another. The thing to remember is that children grow up quickly and outgrow the rowdy phase. In no time at all, they will be the ones passing sacrament and dealing with their own children.

What are some ways you make the sacrament holy? 

What are some ways you keep your kids quiet during a quiet ceremony?

17 thoughts on “Tips to Avoid Sacrament Struggles

  1. Vera Sweeney

    These are excellent tips for anyone attending a ceremony like this. I can’t imagine having a young child create a scene in a huge space like that.

  2. Joely Smith

    Great tips! I am one of the lucky ones. My kids have never misbehaved during events that required them to be quiet. I think they just saw everyone else behaving and did the same.

  3. Destany

    When my son was too young to sit through quiet ceremonies, I just kept him home. No sense in ruining it for everyone else when it was important.

  4. My Teen Guide

    The struggle is real! When my son was 3, he really noisy by singing at the church and I don’t know how to make him calm.

  5. Victoria Heckstall

    This book will help a lot of parents. I’ve never thought before that there is a book like this.

  6. uprunforlife

    Our church offers goodie bags filled with activities for the kids. It usually contains word searchings, coloring pages, blank paper, or even small magnadoodles. They also break up the service with a children’s sermon and take them to children’s church during the sermon.

  7. pinkoddy

    Mine have got much better now that they are older and understand why it is important. When they were younger though it was definitely the distraction technique we used.

  8. Emma Spellman

    I just keep them at home. I can’t plan a meltdown or them being hungry so until my toddlers are older I wouldn’t take them to any quiet events.

  9. Tiffany Hathorn

    These can definitely apply to more than just that one situation. I need tips like this for practically every situation that involves us having to sit still and be quiet for an extended period of time. Church. Standing in line at the store. Sitting in waiting rooms. Church. Funerals. Even a wedding. I rely on distractions a lot. Even at home, lol.

  10. Shannon Gurnee

    It is definitely a challenge to keep little kids quiet during ceremonies and stuff. I think it’s super important to take them out when they’re being noisy too.

  11. rika

    Great advice.. I agree with you, always be prepared and bring distractions to keep them busy and happy.

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