Free Stationery Pages with Scripture Verses

Free Stationery Pages w/ Scripture verses

I love writing in journals and using stationery pages to write letters. Sometimes I like sending a short note to somebody to let them know that I am thinking of them. Doing so on a pretty decorated page adds more meaning. I have picked out some of my favorite verses – and quotes for you that are non-Religious – and added them onto these free stationery pages. Feel free to download and print them for your own personal use. I have included them in one ZIP file to make it easier.


1 nephi 9-6 stationary free printable
2 nephi 2-25 lds stationary printable free
3 nephi 22-13 ldd free printable stationary scripture copy
alma 36-3 ldd free stationary printable
dandc 101-36 stationary free printable
ether 12-4 stationary page printable free
joshua 24-15 stationary printable free
stationary page matthew 6-33 note printable free



17 thoughts on “Free Stationery Pages with Scripture Verses

  1. Alli

    It’s always exciting when I get a hand-written letter. Sadly, it’s almost a thing of the past. I love that you included scripture on your stationary. It’s beautiful!

  2. Elizabeth O.

    The patterns are elegant, I wouldn’t mind using them for my notes. These are very creative, thanks for sharing the patterns!


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