How to attach pockets to File Folder Games

Ive done a few posts before about file folder games. Around here, we love them. If you follow me on twitter, chances are lately you have seen a gazillion tweets about file folder games..

That would be because last year I bought a book of 2nd grade games. The 1st grade ones were too easy for Kaia at the time and I didnt want to waste my money so I “bought ahead” to the next grade, and here we are at 2nd grade now for nearly 2 months and I still hadnt assembled all of them!

So Ive been busting my booty getting them ready. The great thing about buying a book of them versus printing and coloring is that they are already colored! All you have to do is glue the pages onto the folders, and cut out the pieces. Simple as that!

But if you want them to last longer then I recommend taking the extra time to laminate them. After laminating mine I attach the game pieces with velcroe… But sometimes you get folders that have multiple games. You can only fit one game on there at a time. I didnt like the traditional pockets for file folder games so I just attached the extra pieces on the back with velcroe.

But then I came across some games that had way too many pieces and they wouldnt all fit on the back. My mind quickly went to those little library pocket cards that are used inside books. They were perfect for what I needed.

I made my way to our local school/office supply store and picked up a few of them and got them laminated.. 


I know you are probably thinking why did I laminate a pocket??

Now, Im no genius with a laminating machine but even I know when you laminate something that it “seals” it completely.. Here are my laminated pockets.. Only the pocket is closed because of the laminating!


Easy fix… Just take some scissors and slice it along the edge of the pocket. It will open up the pocket, but the lamination will still be on there. If you wanted to, you could just cut the entire flap off (the white part you can see) which would also open the pocket, but you will see below why I left the flap on mine.



Attach the pocket to the file folder game with velcroe. I put some on the top and bottom of mine.


Nearly finished!!


To avoid the pieces falling out of the pocket attach a small piece of velcroe to the flap to hold it closed.


Here is one of the new file folder games I finished yesterday. It has 2 games that go with it, but one of the games has 2 pieces for each answer.  In other words, thats a lot of pieces!


My quick fix was to attach 2 pockets. One is on the front and one is on the back. One holds pieces to the first game and the other holds pieces to the second game.


Never have to worry about pieces falling out of the pockets again!


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