Kaia’s Baptism – 2-8-14

I am beyond thrilled to be able to share with you images from Kaia’s baptism.


He is now officially a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Click on “continue reading” to see more images and hear how his Baptism went…


I should probably back up a little and say that Kaia, as is custom, was given the choice of who he wanted to baptize him. He was also given the choice of a few others things.. like who he wanted to give talks.  I was thinking that he would pick one of the Elders that had taught him the lessons to baptize him, but he shocked us all when he picked a random person – one of the *guys that the Missionaries brought during one of their visits. I had actually thought – before Kaia chose him – that it would be funny if that guy was the one that ended up baptizing Kaia. He is getting ready to go on a mission himself. So, when Kaia chose him I knew it was the Holy Ghost that had given me that impression before.

*When the (boy) missionaries visit a single lady they have to bring somebody along with them. I imagine this poor guy had no clue that him going on a visit with the Missionaries would lead to him baptizing somebody.


Kaia was very pleased with his choice of who he picked. He told me that he had a very nice feeling about it and that it just seemed “nice” – and he kept using the word nice. I think he felt an assurance that the person he chose was who Heavenly Father wanted.

The person he ended up choosing (the young man in all white below) is somewhat connected to us. His mother works at the therapy company my children attend. He was just as shocked that Kaia chose him, but I’m glad he accepted Kaia’s invitation.


The young man was visibly nervous as it was his first time baptizing anybody, but he did so well.


I think the toughest part was saying Kaia’s full name; that’s not an easy task!


Kaia picked me to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. I felt like I was going to have to speak on Baptism and I was prepared for that, but when he said Holy Ghost, I got nervous. I don’t like speaking and I was really hoping he wouldn’t pick me. But once I started researching online I became grateful that he chose me. The part that excited him the most throughout all the lessons, was learning about the Holy Ghost. So, I guess you could say I felt honored to be able to speak about Kaia’s most favorite part. Typical Mormon fashion – I cried.


It was a beautiful time, and Kaia is pleased with his decision, as I am. I can’t wait for Losh and Abby to have their turn!

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