Little Miracles Outreach – A Support Group for Special Needs parents in White County, AR


Little Miracles Outreach, a support group in White County, Arkansas, started by a local special needs mom, had it’s first meeting on Saturday, the 25th of January 2014. My children were excited to go and talked about it the days leading up to it. On the day of, they couldn’t wait to go and meet other kids. When we got there, the founder, her family and a couple people from a local magazine were there.  Soon after, another family and their adorable daughters joined us. We made introductions and the kids started coloring.  There was food and drinks and it was just a blast.



A few people had to cancel last minute, but there should be more during the next meetings. I am excited to meet other special needs families in our area and grateful that the founder put this together for all of us.


If you are in the area and have a child, or are a family member of a child with special needs, then search us up on Facebook (Little Miracles Outreach). We would love to have y’all join us.

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