Our Signature McDonald’s Meal

Our Signature McDonald’s Meal


Total blogger fail, y’all. I had planned to start out this post by telling you the results to a Facebook poll about people’s signature McDonald’s meals. Somehow, I either never hit publish, or deleted that post! I can’t find it anywhere!

With that being said, I am often curious about other people’s eating habits. When I am in line behind somebody at the grocery store, I often sneak a peek at the items on the conveyor belt. When they order in front of me at McDonald’s, I listen to what they order. I call this “Food Watching”. Ya know, kinda like people watching, but for foodies ;)

I thought it would be fun to share with you guys what we order at McDonald’s along with the nutritional value of the meal.

Aybra’s Signature McDonald’s Meal:

Aybras Favorite McDonalds Meal

Chicken Nuggets, Kid Size Fry, Yogurt, and Chocolate Milk

Aybras Signature McDonalds Meal Nutritional Value

Losh’s Signature McDonald’s Meal:

Loshs Favorite McDonalds Meal

Chicken Nuggets, Kid Size Fry, Small Drink, Fruit

Loshs Signature McDonalds Meal Nutritional Value

Kaia’s Signature McDonald’s Meal:

Kaias Favorite McDonalds Meal

McDouble, Small Fry, Small Drink, Yogurt

Kaias Signature McDonalds Meal Nutritional Value

Life as a Convert’s Signature McDonald’s Meal:

Ok, I gotta say, my favorites are always switching. I am one of those people that hardly ever get the same food twice in a row. I am currently obsessing over this though:

Life as a Convert Signature McDonald's Meal - Chef Crafted Flavor

Cheft Crafted Maple Bacon Dijon Burger on Artisan with Fries (for the record, only one was mine)!

What is your signature McDonald’s meal order? 

Have you tried the new Chef Crafted Flavors? 

78 thoughts on “Our Signature McDonald’s Meal

  1. Pam

    I haven’t been to McDonalds in awhile but I hear they have amazing salads now so I need to check that out. My sons and husband love McDonalds and they usually get the big cheeseburgers if they go. That burger in the picture above looks amazing!

  2. Rosey

    My son thinks it’s such a treat to go to McDonald’s. When his school had a fundraiser there recently, he was over the moon!

  3. Mary Madalene

    I’m a stickler for always staying with the Chicken burgers, doesn’t matter what kind of chicken burger I get it HAS to be chicken. lol I do sometimes however shake it up and get a big mac every now and than though.

  4. Elizabeth O.

    I like that McDonald’s is now moving in to healthier options for kids and grown-ups aside from their usual menu. It’s good to know that they welcome people who have special diets.

  5. dana vento

    a few years back when MCD changed up the kid’s meals and made the fries smaller my son got very ‘upset’ with them. He then merged into their Chicken McNuggets and got beyond his upset:)

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      I saw some others upset that the fries were “so small”. However, in their defense, while they decreased the fries, they added in apple slices. Now, you can chose between extra fries or apple slices.

  6. Eileen Mendoza Loya

    I practically lived off McDonalds this past week. My hubby was in the hospital and I had stay with him. Thankfully, there was a McDonald’s restaurant near the hospital and I got tasty satisfying meals!

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      It’s all about what you order. Have you heard of John Cisna? He lost weight and improved his overall health and blood work by eating nothing but McDonald’s for 6 months straight.

  7. Shann Eva

    My kids switch between chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers….but they always have to have french fries. I think those are their favorite! I love the chicken wraps. Yummy.

  8. Joely Smith

    I hate it when that happens! I have done that myself a time or two and can’t believe how horrible it is to lose an entire post!
    As for my “signature” McDonald’s meal I do not eat there enough to have one really but when I do go there it is usually just to get my blood sugar up until I make it home for something more healthy. I am type 1 diabetic. Generally a dollar menu hamburger and coke. I will say Mcdonald’s has the best coke! Something about their fountain drinks just are amazing!

  9. CourtneyLynne

    Ahhhhh why did I have to look at this while laying in bed lol…. I’m going to be dreaming of mc nuggets now lol…. Definitely lunch or dinner tomorrow

  10. Lisa

    The chocolate milk and yogurt options are so cute! The UK menu is much more limited. My favourite is chicken nuggets with sour cream dip <3

  11. Savannah Miller

    We don’t really eat McDonalds in my house maybe once or twice a year. When we do go though the fries and always a big hit :)

  12. Jeanette

    I don’t eat a lot at McDonalds because of health issues, but my son always gets nuggets, apples and a box juice. What a difference at calories form suggest to the burger! WOW!

  13. Anita Fonte

    My favorite meal at McDonald’s is the McChicken Sandwich Plain with med fries and ice tea or fruit punch. On hot days I tend to go for a bottled water instead. I do not like mayonnaise so I usually get it plain as my daughter also likes chicken and will eat it.

  14. Nancy (@spiffykerms)

    I got McDonalds today actually. My staple is ALWAYS a rootbeer (but it seems here in NorCal they don’t sell Rootbeer at mcdonalds… tsk tsk), a medium fries, and either a 6 pack of nuggets, or a plain cheeseburger :) Yum.

  15. Emma Spellman

    I LOVED the $1 menu Spicy Chicken sandwich. I would order it with extra pickles. It keeps coming and going. It was the worst when I craved it when I was pregnant and one McDonald’s would be like yeah we have that and then the next would say, “Nope we don’t carry that anymore.” Ahhhhh OH and I love dipping my fries in Big Mac sauce. You have to try it!

  16. R U S S

    I don’t think we have the chef crafted offerings here yet. But my signature McDonalds meal would either be the Cheeseburger Meal or the Chicken Nuggets Meal. I’m a creature of habit and order either of the two whenever Im at McDonalds.

  17. Megan Elford

    I loved the salads McDonald’s had through the summer, but our local one doesn’t offer them anymore :-(. I’m back to my usual go-to meal: a Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap. It’s almost as good. I do love the healthy options they have, which keeps everyone in our family happy!

  18. Yona Williams

    You are so lucky to be able to do the signature meals at McDonald’s – I would love to have a Maple Bacon Dijon Burger. Chef-crafted meals have not come to our neck of the woods yet.

  19. Up Run for Life

    I usually order either a mcdouble or something with grilled chicken. I need to start ordering salads again but they are outrageous these days which is kinda sad.

    My son usually gets a 4 piece kids meal with apples and fries. I am glad they added fruit options to make the meal a bit healthier.


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