Preschool and Kindergarten Matching Numbers, Valentine’s Day Activity Craft

It has been a while since I’ve shared any of our homeschool crafts. This idea actually came from an image I saw on instagram. Due to a cancellation of an activity I already had a lot of paper hearts and knew when I saw the instagram image that my hearts were going to be used for this.



You will need some paper hearts, scissors and a marker. I counted out 20 paper hearts and using the middle as my guide, wrote the number on one side and drew an equal number of hearts on the opposite side. – You can do this for shapes, the alphabet, colors, even their name!!


Then I cut the hearts in a puzzle type pattern, making sure to vary my cuts so each heart would be unique.


The children then have to find the matches to each heart. Simple, yet fun!

This simple idea can be spun in so many ways. Older children can do a question/answer type thing or even match a scripture with its chapter and verse. The possibilities are really endless. I know I’ll be using this idea in the future for other holidays.

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