Reward Yourself With A Cool McDonald’s Treat – Printable Reward Chart


Printable Ice Cream Reward Chart

Unless you have been living under a rock the last few weeks, then you know how hot it is outside. (BLAZING!!) I don’t know if it is just my kids, but I know when the summertime heat kicks in, they get a little lazy. I created this simple ice cream reward chart to help motivate them to continue working hard during the school break – and to reward their hard work in this heat with a cool treat from McDonald’s.

Chose from either the “Ice Cream Rewards” or “Reward Yourself” version:

ice cream rewards reward charts reward yourself reward chart ice cream rewards



When they have filled in each ice cream cone on their reward chart, they can pick their cool treat from McDonald’s. Here are some of the items they can chose from:

cool mcdonalds treats reward chart


Mozzarella Sticks: These are a new item for Central Arkansas McDonald’s and one of my kid’s favorite snacks. My kids have voted these better than other fast food cheese sticks and my wallet likes the prices too!

Hot Fudge Sundae: Losh is obsessed with their ice cream. Nobody can beat the creamy taste of McDonald’s ice cream and the only thing that makes it better is the hot fudge dripping over it in their sundaes. He always asks for extra nuts.

Ice Cream Cone: Simple and hits the spot. At less than 200 calories a piece, it is something even the grown-ups will love.

Strawberry Smoothie: This is Kaia’s favorite. He is a smoothie lover. The strawberry smoothie from McDonald’s is hands-down the best smoothie. I don’t know what they do, but my attempts to recreate this at home have been met with failure according to Kaia. Only McDonald’s can make it how he likes it.

Apple Pie: The only thing that would make these better is some caramel drizzle. (Can we make that happen McDonald’s?) 230 calories per pie makes it another doable treat for adults.

Cookies: Did somebody say chocolate? McDonald’s chocolate chip cookies are a great treat. There is no way you can only purchase just one of these. We often stop after scouts on Wednesdays to pick up some of these.

ice cream reward chart printable

What is your favorite treat from McDonald’s? 

61 thoughts on “Reward Yourself With A Cool McDonald’s Treat – Printable Reward Chart

  1. Annemarie LeBlanc

    McDonald’s cool treats is the quickest way to cool down in this heat. Kids would enjoy the chart to keep track of their progress and stay motivated. Great idea!

  2. Elizabeth O.

    This printable will help motivate kids to help with the chores. What child doesn’t love a cool treat from McDonalds?

    1. Ourfamilyworld

      We are great fans of their ice cream sundae too. My kids love to be rewarded with ice cream and these printable reward chart is a great idea. This will have them helping a lot with the chores.

  3. Jennifer Williams

    What a great idea for the printable. My youngest loves their smoothies so this would be a great reward.

  4. Rosey

    I’ve recently moved close to a McDonald’s. Of course my son wants to go in and get ice cream. ON a whim I tried iced coffee. Now I’m addicted, totally. :)

  5. Lesley

    I have the teacher appreciation keychain, in Arizona we get free drinks off the menu anytime we want. It sure is nice to have. I use it to buy my kids a treat for being good all the time except I’m not really buying it, its free with the keychain.

  6. Pam

    I like McDonald’s hot fudge sundae as an occasional treat. Sometimes you are just craving a little something.

  7. Carly Brydon

    This is a super cute printable reward chart! I will have to print one out for my daughter. And I’m totally jealous that your McDonald’s has cheesesticks!

  8. Ann Bacciaglia

    McDonald’s has great treats. I love the strawberry banana smoothies. I tried the red velvet flurrie yesterday.

  9. eliz frank

    I’ve never tried the ice cream but those chocolate chip cookies are divine… Good to know someone else thinks so too. I love your reward system… It works.

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      Yeah, I thought it was a new thing overall, until I did a little more research, and apparently some places have had them for a while. I would ask your local manager to put a word in to the owners about getting them :)

  10. Lisa Rios

    My kids loves McDonalds. These ice cream reward printable’s looks very cute and awesome. Vanilla cones are my favorite ones, where as kids love that delicious Strawberry smoothie. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  11. Terri Ramsey Beavers

    Thank you so much for sharing these rewards. We have had one of the hottest summers I can remember for ages. In the afternoon, I take the kids to McDonalds for their hot fudge sundaes and I grab one of their cold coffee drinks for myself.

  12. Nickida

    I really like the rewards chard. Great idea for a treat for the kids. Our McDonald’s don’t have the cheese sticks though. I wish they did. My favorite things from them would probably be the Chicken Sandwich.

  13. tammileetips

    This is such a cute idea for a rewards chart!! I personally love the dipped cones and iced coffee drinks from McDonalds. I had no idea that McDonalds in parts of the country was carrying cheese sticks.

  14. Chantal

    Cool idea! My favourite is definitely the hot fudge sundae… with nuts of course! I had no idea that McDonald’s had mozza sticks… I wish I wasn’t gluten free!

  15. Joanne T Ferguson

    I have so many wonderful childhood memories of enjoying McDonald’s desserts with family and friends! What a great way to be rewarded! I am a big fan of these printables as they are such fun!

  16. Tiffany

    Great way to keep the Kiddies motivated. I love that they get to ‘reward’ themselves by coliring the ice cream in. I think my favorite McDonald’s treat would have to be the smoothie. It’s a great sweet treat.

  17. LaShawn

    I love this idea to keep my son motivated! It’s so hard to get kids motivated to do anything other than play in the summer time!Our McDonald’s doesn’t have the mozzarella sticks yet! I’m jealous!

  18. Sage

    Cool idea for keeping kids motivated with the Reward chart!

    I avoid McDonald’s like the plague, but I can definitely get on board with the soft ice love! I miss their fried apple pies… who goes to McDonald’s for healthy food?

    1. LifeAsAConvert Post author

      I understand what you are trying to say in the last sentence, but McDonald’s actually has some very healthy options, like their Southwest Salad, and I often go just for that :)

  19. rochkirstin

    I would love to try all the rewards on the chart. :) Hot Fudge Sundae is my favorite treat from McDonald’s. It’s what we always order during the hot summer days. This simple snack/dessert is refreshing and tasty!


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